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Richard Harrison in Blood Debts Blood Debts (1983) is a Philippines action movie directed by Teddy Page starring Richard Harrison. Plot While enjoying a picnic, Sarah Collins (Catherine Miles) and her boyfriend (Tom Dulaney) are surprised by a gang of juvenile hunters. They rape her and kill him, but just before they are about to kill her she escapes and runs to her parentsĀ“ house. The gang members shoot Sarah in front of her father, a wealthy Vietnam Vet (Richard Harrison) named Mark. The boys wound him seriously and leave. A few months later, after his health has returned, Mark manages to find the murderers and kills each of them. He also keeps on walking the streets at night, looking for criminals in action to execute until his wife Yvette (Ann Jackson) convinces him to stop. However, he has been observed by the henchmen of Bill (Rick Thomas), an enigmatic businessman desiring to crush the local drug syndicate. Bill gives orders to kidnap Yvette and forces Mark to continue his vigilante work. External links Blood Debts at the Internet Movie Database