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Ambrym Ash plume from Ambrym Volcano, October 4, 2004 Elevation 1,334 m (4,377 ft) [1] Location Location Vanuatu Coordinates 16°15′S 168°7′E / 16.25°S 168.117°E / -16.25; 168.117Coordinates: 16°15′S 168°7′E / 16.25°S 168.117°E / -16.25; 168.117[1] Geology Type Pyroclastic shield[1] Volcanic arc/belt New Hebrides arc[1] Last eruption 2010 (ongoing)[1] An Ambrym woodcarver, circa 1925 Ambrym is an island in the archipelago of Vanuatu (formerly known as the New Hebrides). It is well known for its highly active volcanic activity that includes lava lake formation. With 677.7 square kilometres (261.7 sq mi) of surface area, it is the fifth largest island in the country. Several times per century, Ambrym volcano has destructive eruptions. The summit of the volcano contains a desert-like caldera which covers an area of 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi). With the neighbour island of Malakula and a few smaller islands, it forms Malampa Province. Its largest settlement is the village of Eas. The population of 8,000 inhabitants [2] lives mainly off coconut plantations. Contents 1 Mountains and volcanoes 2 Nearby small islands to the south 3 Towns and cities 4 Languages 5 References 6 External links Mountains and volcanoes Ambrym is the site of two active volcanic cones,[1] Benbow and Marum (also spelled Maroum). The center of the island is dominated by a massive 1900-year-old 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) × 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) caldera that hosts multiple craters, and the rest of the caldera floor is ash plain, barren because of natural acid rain. Mt Benbow last erupted in 1913, causing the evacuation of the population to Mele, near Port Vila on Efate. Nearby small islands to the south Paama with villages of Liro and Loulep Lopevi with villages of Holen and Halos (now abandoned) Towns and cities Fali - Craig Cove - Baiap - Sesivi - Emiotungan - Polibetakever - Lolibulo - Linboul - Liro - Loulep - Olal - Ranuetlam - Ranon - Port Vato - Lalinda - Toak - Fanla Languages Like many islands in Vanuatu, Ambrym has its own Austronesian languages. In the north is the North Ambrym language, in the southeast is the Southeast Ambrym language, in the south Dakaka language, in the west Lonwolwol language, and in the southwest Port-Vato language. These are all spoken by a few hundred to a few thousand speakers each. The kinship system used by natives of Ambrym can be modeled by a non-commutative group.[3] References ^ a b c d e f "Ambrym". Global Volcanism Program, Smithsonian Institution.  ^ 2009 National Census of Population and Housing, Vanuatu National Statistics Office ^ Feature Column from the AMS External links North Ambrym language sample[dead link] South-East Ambrym Wordlist at the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database Video Shot Inside Marum Volcano v · d · e Islands of Vanuatu by province Malampa Penama Sanma Shefa Tafea Torba Malakula Ambrym Paama Pentecost Ambae Maewo Espiritu Santo Malo Epi Éfaté Shepherd Islands Tanna Aniwa Futuna Erromango Anatom Torres Islands Banks Islands