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Gazania rigens Scientific classification Kingdom: Plantae (unranked): Angiosperms (unranked): Eudicots (unranked): Asterids Order: Asterales Family: Asteraceae Genus: Gazania Species: G. rigens Binomial name Gazania rigens (L.) Gaertn. Synonyms Othonna rigens L. Gorteria rigens L. Gazania splendens hort. ex Hend. & A. A. Hend. Gazania rigens var. rigens (Clumping Gazania) in Tasmania, Australia G. rigens with silver foliage Gazania rigens is a species of flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, native to Southern Africa. The species occurs in South Africa and Mozambique. It is naturalised elsewhere and is widely cultivated as an ornamental garden plant. In Australia, where it is known as Coastal Gazania the species has become naturalised on coastal dunes and roadsides in the Central Coast and Sydney regions of New South Wales as well as the coast of South East Queensland. In South Australia it is found in the southern Mount Lofty area as well as on the Eyre peninsula.[1][2] There are 3 currently recognised varieties:[3] G. rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. leucolaena (DC.) Roessler. In cultivation, this variety is referred to as Trailing Gazania. G. rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. rigens This variety is only found in cultivation, where it is known as Clumping Gazania. It is distinguished by its large 4 to 8 cm flower heads with yellow or orange rays, each with a basal eye-spot.[4] G. rigens (L.) Gaertn. var. uniflora (L.f.) Roessler Gazania rigens is grown for the brilliant colour of its flowers which appear in the late spring and early summer. Plants prefer a sunny position and are tolerant of dryness and poor soils.[5] See also List of Gazania cultivars References ^ "Weeds Australia - Weed Identification - Gazania". Retrieved 2008-04-11.  ^ "Genus Gazania rigens". PlantNET - New South Wales Flora Online. Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney Australia. Retrieved 2008-04-11.  ^ "African plants database". Retrieved 2008-04-11.  ^ "Aluka - Entry for Gazania rigens var. uniflora L.f. Roessler family Compositae". Retrieved 2008-04-11.  ^ Arthurs, Kathryn L. (ed.) (1979). Lawns & Groundcovers. Lane Publishing Co.. ISBN 03760305072.  This Cichorioideae article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e