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Polynesia Discovery and designation Discovered by J. C. Pelle Discovery site Punaauia Discovery date March 23, 2000 Designations MPC designation 81203 Named after French Polynesia Alternate name(s) 2000 FQ10 Orbital characteristics Epoch May 14, 2008 Ap 3.1098740 Peri 2.1301080 Eccentricity 0.1869789 Orbital period 1548.9882375 Mean anomaly 321.04246 Inclination 15.79896 Longitude of ascending node 138.49943 Argument of peri 56.57920 Physical characteristics Absolute magnitude (H) 15.0 81203 Polynesia (2000 FQ10) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on March 23, 2000 by J. C. Pelle at Punaauia. References The first observation of asteroide 2000FQ10 was made by Luc Bellavance, Quebec, Canada. See more information Asteroide 2000FQ10 External links JPL Small-Body Database Browser on 81203 Polynesia This article about an asteroid native to the main belt is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e