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This article may not meet the general notability guideline. Please help to establish notability by adding reliable, secondary sources about the topic. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. (April 2009) Skateimpact is an Egyptian skateboard business located in Alexandria, Egypt. The Egyptian skateboarding scene was very small (about 25 skaters all over Egypt) until they started the business and got noticed by the press and media. It is supplying the Egyptian market with the best-known skateboard brands. It started on 10 September 2005 as an e-business by two skateboarding brothers. The company is part of the parent company, Herrawi office a subsidiary of Herrawi Group. Contents 1 Description 2 External links 2.1 Egyptian and World Press 2.2 Related domains // Description Excerpted from the website: "Skateimpact based in Alexandria was founded in summer 2005 by regular skaters who love and have the passion for skateboarding. The founders have passed many years doing their best to make the Egypt skate scene evolve and finally came out with this shop." read more External links skateIMPACT - 'Official website' skateIMPACT Distribution - 'B2B wholesale to selected Egyptian Skateshops' skateIMPACT facebook page - 'Official facebook page' skateIMPACT Forum - 'Official forum' Alexa: WHOIS for Egyptian and World Press Lots of articles were written about Skateimpact and about their owners Omar Herrawi and Cherif Herrawi. article: [1] Origami magazine article in the printed and online edition: [2] Business today Egypt: [3] Alif magazine: [4] Al Ahram Hebdo: [5] Lonely Planet: [6] Related domains Aramex shipping: [7] herrawi Group: [8] This article has not been added to any categories. Please help out by adding categories to it so that it can be listed with similar articles, in addition to a stub category. Please remove this tag after categorizing. (September 2010) This African corporation or company article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e