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The Entombment Artist Michelangelo Year circa 1500-1501 Type Tempera on panel Dimensions 162 cm × 150 cm (64 in × 59 in) Location London, National Gallery The Entombment is an unfinished painting of the Entombment of Christ attributed to the Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo Buonarroti, and dated c. 1500-1501. It is in the National Gallery in London, which purchased the work in 1868 from Robert Turnbull Macpherson, a Scottish photographer resident in Rome. The chronological position of this work has been the source of some dispute, although it is generally considered an early work. According to some, it was executed by one of Michelangelo's pupils from a drawing by the master, or was a direct imitation[1]. According to documents discovered in 1981[2], Michelangelo had been commissioned to paint a panel for the church of Sant'Agostino in Rome, but in the end the artist gave back the sum received. Although no certainty exists, it is probable that the work in question was the Entombment, which remained unfinished upon Michelangelo's return to Florence. The centre of the panel portrays Christ carried to the sepulchre. The bearded elderly man behind him is Joseph of Arimathea, who gave up his tomb for use as Christ's sepulchre. The figure on the left is probably St. John, wearing a long orange-red gown, whilst kneeling at his feet is Mary Magdalene. The identity of the two figures on the right is uncertain (Nicodemus, the inner one, and Mary Salome have been proposed). The other figure not present is that of the Virgin Mary. External links Page at (Italian) v · d · eMichelangelo Key: *Attributed · †Lost Sculptures Florence, c. 1488–92 †Head of a faun (c. 1488) · Madonna of the stairs (c. 1491) · Battle of the Centaurs (c. 1492) · Crucifix (1492) Ark of St Dominic (1494–95) St Petronius · St Proclus  · Angel †Sleeping Cupid (1496) · †Standing Cupid · Bacchus (1496–97) · Pietà (1499–1500) · David (1501-04) · Madonna of Bruges (1501–04) · St. Paul (1503–04) · St. Peter (1503–04) · Pius (1503–04) · Taddei Tondo (c. 1503) · Pitti Tondo (c. 1503) · St. Matthew (c. 1505) Tomb of Pope Julius II Moses (c. 1513–15) · Rebellious Slave (1513–16) · Dying Slave (1513–16) · Young Slave (c. 1519–36) · Bearded Slave (c. 1519–36) · Atlas Slave (c. 1519–36) · Awakening Slave (c. 1519–36) · The Genius of Victory (c. 1532–34) · Rachel (1545) · Leah (1545) Medici Chapel (1519–34) Giuliano de' Medici · Day · Night · Lorenzo de' Medici · Dawn · Dusk · Medici Madonna Cristo della Minerva (Christ Carrying the Cross) (1519–20) · Apollo (David) (c. 1530) · Crouching Boy (c. 1530-34) · Brutus (1540) · *Palestrina Pietà (1550) · Florentine Pietà (c. 1550) · Rondanini Pietà (1552–64) Paintings *The Torment of Saint Anthony (c. 1487-88) · Manchester Madonna (c. 1497) · Doni Tondo (c. 1503–06) • †Battle of Cascina (1504) · The Entombment (c. 1505) · †Leda and the Swan (1530) Sistine Chapel frescoes Ceiling (1508–12; including Separation of Light from Darkness, Creation of Adam, Prophet Jonah, Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Daniel, Prophet Isaiah, Prophet Joel, Prophet Ezekiel, Prophet Zechariah) · The Last Judgment (1534–41) Pauline Chapel frescoes (1542–50) The Martyrdom of St Peter · The Conversion of Saul Architecture Florence New Sacristy (1520–34) and Laurentian Library (1523–59) in the Basilica of San Lorenzo Rome Piazza del Campidoglio (1538) · Palazzo Farnese (1546) · St. Peter's Basilica (1546–1564) · San Giovanni dei Fiorentini (1559–60) · Porta Pia (1561–65) · Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri (1561–) Works on paper Epifania (c. 1550–53) Milieu Cecchino dei Bracci · Tommaso dei Cavalieri · Vittoria Colonna · Ascanio Condivi · Sebastiano del Piombo · Febo di Poggio · Luigi del Riccio · Gherardo Perini List of works by Michelangelo · Casa Buonarroti · Wikimedia Commons · Wikiquote