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Saw duang Classification String instrument (bowed) The saw duang (Thai: ซอด้วง, pronounced [sɔː dûəŋ], RTGS: so duang) is a bowed string instrument used in Thai music. it has a higher pitch than a saw u. It has a hardwood soundbox covered on the playing end with python skin. It is held vertically and has two silk strings that are played with a bow. Like the saw u, the bow is between the strings so the player has to tilt the bow to switch strings. References Saw duang page See also Traditional Thai musical instruments Huqin Saw u v · d · eTraditional Thai musical instruments String Plucked Jakhe · Grajabpi · Sueng · Phin · Phin pia · Hai song Bowed Saw duang · Saw u · Saw sam sai · Salo Struck Khim Wind Flutes Khlui (Khlui lib · Khlui phiang aw · Khlui u) · Wot Oboes Pi (Pi nai · Pi nok · Pi klang · Pi chawa · Pi mon · Pi chanai · Pi o · Pi chum · Pi so) Free-reed pipes Khaen Percussion Drums Glong khaek · Glong songna · Glong yao · Glong thad · Thon rammana · Taphon · Glong thap (Thap) · Glong Chatri · Taphon Mon · Glong Malayu Xylophones Pong lang · Ranat (Ranat ek · Ranat thum · Ranat ek lek · Ranat thum lek · Ranat kaeo) Gongs Khong wong yai · Khong wong lek · Khong Mon (Khong Mon wong yai, Khong Mon wong lek) Others Ching · Chap · Krap · Mong This article relating to string instruments is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e This Thailand-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e