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See also: 1812 in France, other events of 1813, 1814 in France. Events from the year 1813 in France. Contents 1 Events 2 Births 2.1 Full date unknown 3 Deaths 3.1 Full date unknown 4 References // Events 2 May - Battle of Lützen, French victory over a combined Prussian and Russian force. 20 May-21 May - Battle of Bautzen, French victory over a combined Russian/Prussian army. 3 June-11 June - Peninsular War: Siege of Tarragona, Anglo-Spanish-Portuguese forces fail to capture port from its Franco-Italian garrison. 21 June - Peninsular War: Battle of Vitoria, decisive victory by Anglo-Spanish-Portuguese forces. 7 July - Peninsular War: Siege of San Sebastian by Anglo-Portuguese forces begins. 25 July - Peninsular War: Battle of Maya, French victory over British forces. 25 July - Peninsular War: Battle of Roncesvalles, French victory over Anglo-Portuguese forces. 25 July - Peninsular War: Battle of the Pyrenees, large-scale French offensive, starts. 2 August - Peninsular War: Battle of the Pyrenees ends in a tactical Anglo-Spanish-Portuguese victory. 23 August - Battle of Großbeeren, French defeated by an allied Prussian-Swedish army. 26 August - Battle of Katzbach, French defeat by Russo-Prussian army. 26 August-27 August - Battle of Dresden results in French victory. 30 August - Battle of Kulm, French defeated by Austrian, Russian, and Prussian forces. 31 August - Peninsular War: Battle of San Marcial, Spanish victory over French army. 6 September - Battle of Dennewitz, Prussians and Russians victory over French forces. 9 September - Peninsular War: Siege of San Sebastian ends with surrender of French garrison. 16 October-19 October - Battle of Leipzig, one of the most decisive defeats suffered by Napoleon Bonaparte. 7 October - Peninsular War: Battle of the Bidassoa, tactical Anglo-Portuguese victory over French forces. 30 October-31 October - Battle of Hanau, tactical French victory over Austro-Bavarian forces. 10 November - Peninsular War: Battle of Nivelle, French defeated by British, Portuguese and Spanish forces. 9 December-13 December - Peninsular War: Battle of the Nive, Anglo-Portuguese-Spanish army defeated French forces. Births 18 July - Pierre Alphonse Laurent, mathematician (d.1854). 15 August - Léon Gastinel, composer (d.1906). 23 October - Félix Ravaisson-Mollien, philosopher and archaeologist (d.1900). 29 October - Eugène Pelletan, writer, journalist and politician (d.1884). 30 November - Charles-Valentin Alkan, composer and pianist (d.1888). 22 December - Jean-Jacques Bourassé, priest, archaeologist and historian (d.1872). Full date unknown Francisque Bouillier, philosopher (d.1899). Pauline Duvernay, dancer (d.1894). Deaths 6 January - Louis Baraguey d'Hilliers, general (b.1764). 1 May - Jean-Baptiste Bessières, Marshal of France (b.1768). 23 May - Geraud Duroc, general (b.1772). 6 June - Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart, architect (b.1739). 29 July - Jean-Andoche Junot, general (b.1771). 2 September - Jean Victor Marie Moreau, general (b.1763). 16 October - Donatien-Marie-Joseph de Vimeur, vicomte de Rochambeau, soldier (b.1755). 12 November - J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, writer (b.1735). 13 December - Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, nutritionist (b.1737). Full date unknown Louise Françoise Contat, actress (b.1760). Léger-Félicité Sonthonax, Jacobin and abolitionist (b.1763). References