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Ju Lian (Chinese: 居廉; pinyin: Jū Lián; Wade–Giles: Chü Lien; 1828-1904), a native of Panyu (番禺, now Guangzhou, was a Chinese painter in Qing Dynasty. His courtesy name was 'Ancient Spring' (Gu Quan 古泉), and self-given pseudonym 'Old Man of the Divided Mountain' (Ge Shan Lao Ren 隔山老人). He was the younger brother (or cousin) of the painter Ju Chao.[1][2] He was known for his bird-and-flower paintings as well as people and plant-and-insect paintings. He was the teacher of the brothers Gao Jianfu and Gao Qifeng.[3] Notes ^ Cihai: Page 1073. ^ "Qing Dynasty paintings to go on show". Retrieved 2009-08-30. [dead link] ^ Barnhart: Pages 304-305. References Ci hai bian ji wei yuan hui (辞海编辑委员会). Ci hai (辞海). Shanghai: Shanghai ci shu chu ban she (上海辞书出版社), 1979. Barnhart, R. M. et al. (1997). Three thousand years of Chinese painting. New Haven, Yale University Press. ISBN 0-300-07013-6 Persondata Name Ju Lian Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1828 Place of birth Date of death 1904 Place of death