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Symphysanodon Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Perciformes Suborder: Percoidei Superfamily: Percoidea Family: Symphysanodontidae Genus: Symphysanodon Bleeker, 1878 Species See text The Symphysanodontidae are a family of small marine fishes. The family Symphysanodontidae comprises only the genus Symphysanodon.[1] They occur in the Indo-Pacific and Western Atlantic.[1] Description Species of Symphysanodon may reach 15 centimetres (5.9 in) in length. The body is slender and compressed, with a blunt snout. They are orange in colour. The caudal fin is usually distinctively forked. The dorsal fins have nine dorsal spines and ten soft rays, whereas the anal fin has three anal spines and seven or eight soft rays.[2] Species The following species are included in genus Symphysanodon:[3][4] Symphysanodon andersoni Kotthaus, 1974 Symphysanodon berryi Symphysanodon disii Khalaf & Krupp, 2008 Symphysanodon katayamai Symphysanodon maunaloae Symphysanodon mona Anderson & Springer, 2005 Symphysanodon octoactinus Symphysanodon parini Anderson & Springer, 2005 Symphysanodon pitondelafournaisei Quero, Sptiz & Vayne, 2009 Symphysanodon rhax Anderson & Springer, 2005 Symphysanodon typus Symphysanodon xanthopterygion Anderson & Bineesh, 2011 References ^ a b Froese, Rainer, and Daniel Pauly, eds. (2010). "Symphysanodontidae" in FishBase. January 2010 version. ^ Anderson, W.D.. Kent E. Carpenter. ed. The Living Marine Resources of the Western Central Atlantic. FAO Species Identification Guide for Fishery Purposes. 2. Charleston: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. pp. 1304–1307. ISBN 92-5-104826-6. ISSN 1020-6868. Retrieved 24 March 2010.  ^ "Symphysanodon". Integrated Taxonomic Information System. Retrieved 23 March 2010.  ^ Anderson, W.D., Jr., & Bineesh, K.K. (2011). "A new species of the perciform fish genus Symphysanodon (Symphysanodontidae) from the Arabian Sea off the southwestern coast of India." Zootaxa 2966: 31-36. Wikispecies has information related to: Symphysanodon