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Massacre Massacre as seen in Superman: Man of Steel #115 (August 2001) Publication information Publisher DC Comics First appearance Adventures of Superman #509 In-story information Team affiliations Alien Alliance Abilities Amphibious, great agility, strength, energy blasts Massacre is a fictional character, a DC Comics super-villain who first appeared in Adventures of Superman #509 (Feb. 1994). Fictional character biography Massacre travels the galaxy hunting down prey. He is seen in a 'Virago Cruiser', after having killed the ship's female crew. He fights the hero Auron, seemingly killing him. Massacre praises Auron for being a worthy opponent. Superman appears, and fights Massacre in two different locations. Auron tries to assists Superman and is killed. The villain escapes, after promising to travel to Earth, kill Superman there and then kill his friends. The story is narrated by a scrap metal merchant that had been following Massacre for some time.[1] Massacre appears on Earth, thinking the mere fact of his appearance would be enough to bring Superman to him. He sets out to look for the hero. He doesn't like asking for directions and kills some people who try to assist him as a way of covering this up. He becomes confused and travels to the fictional counter-part to the real-life Metropolis, Illinois. It is not made clear if he killed any Illinois citizens.[2] An alien tribunal later investigates Superman and Massacre at the time. Superman believes he sees Massacre slain by loved ones of the hundred thousand entities the villain has slain. However Massacre is later is seen serving Maxima and is believed to have perished in an attempt to save the world from Brainiac. [3] Massacre appears later as part of a group of villains seeking to avoid being sent to a prison planet.[4] Powers and abilities Massacre has the power to travel cosmic distances by converting himself into a form of energy. He can read nerve impulses, predicting what his opponents can do. References ^ Adventures of Superman #509 (February 1994) ^ Adventures of Superman #515 (August 1994) ^ Superman: The Man of Steel #117 (October 2001) ^ Justice League of America #17 v • d • e Superman Creators Joe Shuster · Jerry Siegel Superman Family Superman (Clark Kent) · Superboy (Kal-El; Kon-El) · Supergirl (Kara Zor-El; Matrix; Linda Danvers; Cir-El) · Superwoman (Luma Lynai; Kristin Wells) Alura · Beppo · Chris Kent · Comet · Eradicator · Gangbuster · Guardian · Jor-El · Kelex · Krypto · Lara · Maxima · Mon-El · Natasha Irons · Power Girl · Steel · Streaky · Thara Ak-Var · Zor-El Supporting characters Bibbo Bibbowski · Cat Grant · Professor Hamilton · Inspector Henderson · Jonathan and Martha Kent · Lois Lane · Lucy Lane · Sam Lane · Lana Lang · Lori Lemaris · Lyla Lerrol · Steve Lombard · Jimmy Olsen · Pete Ross · Maggie Sawyer · Ron Troupe · Dan Turpin · Perry White Villains Atomic Skull · Bizarro · Bloodsport · Brainiac · Bruno Mannheim · Conduit · Cyborg Superman · Darkseid · Dominus · Doomsday · Encantadora · Faora · General Zod · Gog · Imperiex · Intergang · Jax-Ur · Kryptonite Man · Lex Luthor · Livewire · Mala · Mercy Graves · Metallo · Mongul · Morgan Edge · Mr. Mxyzptlk · Neutron · Non · Parasite · Prankster · Preus · Puzzler · Silver Banshee · Solaris · Superboy-Prime · Superman Revenge Squad · Terra-Man · Titano · Toyman · Ultra-Humanite · Ultraman · Ursa Locations Argo City · Bizarro World · Cadmus Labs · Daily Planet · Fortress of Solitude · Kandor · Krypton · Kryptonopolis · LexCorp · Metropolis · Phantom Zone · Smallville · Stryker's Island · Suicide Slum · Vathlo Island Affiliations Justice League · Justice Society of America · Legion of Super-Heroes · Super Friends · World's Finest Team History and themes Origin · History of Superman · Symbol · Powers · Kryptonite · Character and cast · Relationship of Clark Kent and Lois Lane Publications Current Action Comics · Adventure Comics · Supergirl · Superman · Superman/Batman · Superman: Secret Origin Former All Star Superman · DC Comics Presents · The Man of Steel · Superboy · Superboy and the Ravers · Superman (vol. 2) · Superman: Birthright · Superman: The Man of Steel · Superman: The Man of Tomorrow · Superman: War of the Supermen · Superman for All Seasons · Superman Confidential · Superman Family · Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane · Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen · World's Finest Comics Miscellanea Storylines · Alternate versions · Superman in other media · Supergirl in other media · Lex Luthor in other media · Superman (film series) · Alternate versions of Supergirl · Alternate versions of Lex Luthor · Smallville · Supermobile · Superman X This DC Comics-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e