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The Revolutionary Communist League (fr: Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire, LCR) or Socialist Workers' Party (nl: Socialistische Arbeiderspartij, SAP) is a Belgian Trotskyist political party. It is the Belgian section of the reunified Fourth International.In the 2010 election, Front des gauches (CP,LCR, PSL and PH) received 1,15 % of votes for the Senat. The party was long led by Ernest Mandel. It publishes La Gauche and Rood. External links Official website Socialistische Arbeiderspartij nl Official website Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire fr Public faction of the SAP nl v • d • e Political parties in Belgium Flemish parties Christian Democratic and Flemish · Flemish Interest · Flemish Liberals and Democrats · Green! · List Dedecker · New Flemish Alliance · Socialist Party – Differently · VLOTT Francophone parties Ecolo · Humanist Democratic Centre · National Front · Reformist Movement (component parties: Citizens' Movement for Change · Francophone Democratic Federalists) · Socialist Party German parties Christian Social Party · Party for Freedom and Progress (component party of the francophone MR) · ProDG · Socialist Party (component party of the francophone PS) Pan-Belgian People's Party · Vivant · Belgian Union Portal:Politics - List of political parties - Politics of Belgium