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Tom Brougham Residence Berkley, California (USA) Known for Claim to have coined term "domestic partnership" Tom Brougham is a Berkeley, California gay rights activist who was the first to suggest a new legal category for recognizing couples other than marriage and he coined the phrase domestic partnership.[1] Brougham is a former member of the Gay Liberation Front. Brougham and his partner Barry Warren became the first couple to register for employee domestic partner benefits in Berkeley after it adopted the policy in December 1984. Berkeley's policy, however, did not include a registry for residents of the city; it only granted live-in partner health benefits regardless of whether they were straight or gay. Brougham became the first openly gay elected official in the East Bay region of California on April 21, 1987, when he was elected as a director of the Peralta Community College District, and continued as a director until 2000. Brougham is a former president of the East Bay Lesbian/Gay Democratic Club. See also Kevin and Don Norte References ^ Evans, Will (2000-09-01). "Organization Honors ‘Trailblazer’". The Daily Californian. Retrieved 2006-09-20.