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Gaston Lagaffe #R3 Gare aux gaffes du gars gonflé Cover of the Belgian edition Publisher Dupuis Date 1973 Series Gaston Lagaffe Creative team Writer(s) Franquin Artist(s) Franquin Jidéhem Original publication Published in Spirou Language French ISBN 2-8001-0308-6 Chronology Preceded by Le bureau des gaffes en gros Followed by En direct de la gaffe Gare aux gaffes du gars gonflé, written and drawn by Franquin and Jidéhem, is an album of the original Gaston Lagaffe series, numbered R3. It is made up of 52 pages and was published by Dupuis. It consists of a series of one-strip gags. Contents 1 Story 1.1 Inventions 2 Background 3 References 4 External links Story Longtarin appears for the first time and watch over Gaston very carefully, all the more as he Gaston have acquired a strange automobile. Gaston signs a contract with De Mesmaeker. Inventions vehicle to take downstairs: vehicle which slides on the ballisters, but cannot turn filter for cigarettes: filter which causes explosions, the rights were bought by a joke shop ejector seat for cars : seat not to leave lying in offices, for it can be dangerous for someone machine to cork bottles : machine that must been well-adjusted, at the risk of damages mini-go-kart : roller skate with the engine of a lawn mower petrol for rockets: dangerous petrol powder coffee maker with petrol : coffee maker which can take off like a rocket table: table hanged up to the ceiling to ease cleanup. relax-armchair: armchair with instructions for use that must be read before using swing with elasticated strings : swing with amplified movements overcoat linked to the central heating: allows to work having warm filing system: system consisting in tying each document to the ceiling with an elasticated thread automatic polishing: automatic machine to polish shoes, and occasionally trousers special flash: too strong flash that sets fire to clothes thread for Christmas trees: thread which make the tree turn, so that one can see the hidden part of it, and with the possibility to regulate the speed Background This album is made up of the gags previously published in the small-sized albums Gare aux Gaffes and Les Gaffes d'un Gars Gonflé, numbered #1 and #5. It was first published in 1966 in a small format under the title Gare aux gaffes. It was re-edited in 1973 in a casual format. This is the first album of the series which contains full page strips. References Gaston Lagaffe classic series on the official website Publication in Spirou on bdoublié External links Official website (French) v · d · eAndré Franquin Series Spirou et Fantasio • Gaston Lagaffe • Marsupilami • Idées noires • Le Petit Noël  • Modeste et Pompon  • Isabelle Characters Fantasio • Spirou  • Gaston Lagaffe characters • Marsupilami • Champignac inhabitants • Le Petit Noël  • Zorglub • Seccotine Spirou and Fantasio albums Spirou et Fantasio • Quatre aventures de Spirou et Fantasio  • Il y a un sorcier à Champignac  • Les chapeaux noirs  • Spirou et les héritiers  • Les voleurs du Marsupilami  • La corne de rhinocéros  • Le dictateur et le champignon  • La mauvaise tête  • Le repaire de la murène  • Les pirates du silence  • Le gorille a bonne mine • Le nid des Marsupilamis • Le voyageur du Mésozoïque • Le prisonnier du Bouddha  • Z comme Zorglub  • L'ombre du Z  • Spirou et les hommes-bulles  • QRN sur Bretzelburg  • Panade à Champignac  • Tembo Tabou Gaston Lagaffe albums Gaffes et gadgets • Gala de gaffes à gogo  • Le bureau des gaffes en gros  • Gare aux gaffes du gars gonflé  • En direct de la gaffe  • Le lourd passé de Lagaffe  • Des gaffes et des dégâts  • Un gaffeur sachant gaffer  • Lagaffe nous gâte  • Le cas Lagaffe  • Le géant de la gaffe • Gaffes, bévues et boulettes • Le gang des gaffeurs • Lagaffe mérite des baffes  • La saga des gaffes  • Gaffe à Lagaffe ! Marsupilami albums Capturez un Marsupilami  • La Queue du Marsupilami Other albums Idées noires Collaborators Delporte • Jidéhem • Greg • Goscinny • Roba Publishing houses Dupuis  • Marsu Productions Magazines Spirou  • Tintin