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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, published in 2007 and authored by Austrian school economist Robert P. Murphy, is the ninth book in the popular libertarian series The Politically Incorrect Guides. Written as a result of a poll by P.I.G. readers[1] that stated a book on economics was one of the most essential addition to the burgeoning series, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism aims to refute what it sees as common misconceptions resulting from Keynesian economics about what capitalism actually is. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism argues against politically correct criticisms of capitalism, amongst which are: it causes ecological destruction it causes vast income inequality, as well as racism it causes an unpredicatable boom and bust cycle Instead, Murphy argues that they result from government efforts to regulate the free market that have the effect of distorting laissez-faire supply and demand that would encourage the most rational allocation of resources possible, as well as their conservation for future generations. For example, with endangered species such as rhinos it is argued that if they were freely traded those who used their parts would have a stake in maintaining supply and conservation would improve (page 49). It is likewise argued that antitrust laws are unnecessary and that the "robber barons" actually benefited the US' poor much more than any government aid has ever done. References ^ The Politically Incorrect Votes Are In External links Newest Politically Incorrect Guide sticks up for Capitalism