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Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Holden Rodeo Main articles: Isuzu Faster and Isuzu D-Max The Holden Rodeo is a utility vehicle (pickup truck) that was sold in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) by Holden, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary. Introduced in 1980, the Rodeo was built by Isuzu over three generations, but in 2008 was renamed "Holden Colorado". Prior to the launch of the Holden Rodeo, General Motors-Holden's had imported the first generation Japanese market Isuzu Faster into Australasia under the names "Chevrolet LUV" (1972–1977) and "Isuzu LUV" (1977–1980).[1][2] At the Australasian release of the second generation Faster in December 1980, General Motors-Holden's once again introduced a new name—Holden Rodeo—assigning it the model code KB and thus becoming the first generation Holden Rodeo.[1][3] Isuzu in Japan released the redesigned Faster in May 1988,[4] adopted and issued by Holden in August 1988 as the second generation TF series Rodeo.[5] Although Japanese sales of the Isuzu Faster ceased in October 1994,[4] it remained in production until general exports began in June 2003 of its Thai-produced replacement, the Isuzu D-Max which launched in its home market of Thailand in May 2002.[6] Australasian sales began in March 2003, earlier than other export markets, as the third generation RA series Holden Rodeo. At this point Holden retired the long-running TF model.[7] Holden maintained sales of the RA generation until rebranding the Rodeo as "Holden Colorado" in July 2008.[8] This was a result of the GM-Isuzu split resulting in Holden losing the right to use the "Rodeo" name.[9] First generation (KB; 1980–1988) Main article: Isuzu Faster   Second generation (TF; 1988–2003) Main article: Isuzu Faster   Third generation (RA; 2003–2008) Main article: Isuzu D-Max   References ^ a b Bebbington (2009), p. 279. "GM-H had been importing light and heavy Isuzu trucks from Japan since the early 1970s. First of these was the Isuzu KB utility, sold as the Chevrolet LUV (Light utility Vehicle). The reputation and recognition of this little utility grew over time until in 1977, the Chevrolet name was deleted and the Isuzu nameplate was used instead. Late in 1980, KB received a major facelift [redesign]. With new sheetmetal, the opportunity was taken to re-badge the car yet again – this time as Holden Rodeo." ^ "Holden Rodeo (Isuzu Utility)". GoAuto. John Mellor. Retrieved 8 May 2011.  ^ Bebbington (2009), p. 279. "KB Rodeo: December 1980 to August 1988". ^ a b "いすゞの車種一覧 [List of Isuzu vehicles]". Car Sensor Lab. Recruit. Archived from the original on 7 May 2011.  ^ Bebbington (2009), p. 281. "TF Rodeo introduced in August 1988, was the replacement for the successful KB series." ^ "Isuzu's All New Pickups Popular in Thailand and Australia". Isuzu Motors. 18 April 2003. Archived from the original on 7 May 2011.  ^ Bebbington (2009), p. 281. "RA Rodeo: March 2003 to current"; "RA Rodeo introduced in early 2003, superseded the long-running TF series." ^ Sinclair, Mike (1 July 2008). "Colorado rolls over Rodeo runout". Carsales. Retrieved 8 May 2011.  ^ Pettendy, Marton (4 March 2008). "Holden to retire Rodeo". GoAuto. John Mellor. Retrieved 19 March 2008.  Bibliography Bebbington, Terry (2009). 60 Years of Holden. Padstow, New South Wales: Haynes Manuals. ISBN 1-876-95358-6.  This article includes a list of related items that share the same name (or similar names). If an internal link incorrectly led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. v · d · eHolden, a subsidiary of General Motors, automobile timeline, 1948–present Type 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s Type 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 Subcompact Barina Spark (MJ) Subcompact Barina (MB/ML) Barina (MF/MH) Barina (SB) Barina (XC) Barina (TK) Compact Torana (HB) Torana (LC/LJ/TA) Gemini (TX/TC/TD/TE/TF/TG) Gemini (RB) Astra (TS) Viva (JF) Cruze (JG) Compact Astra (LB/LC) Astra (LD) Nova (LE/LF) Nova (LG) Astra (TR) Astra (TS) Astra (AH) Mid-size Sunbird/Torana (LH/LX/UC) Camira (JB/JD/JE) Apollo (JK/JL) Apollo (JM/JP) Vectra (JR/JS) Vectra (ZC) Epica (EP) Mid-size Standard/Business/Special (48/FJ) Standard/Business/Special (FE/FC) Standard/Special (FB/EK) Standard/Special/Premier (EJ/EH) Standard/Special/Premier (HD/HR) Commodore/Calais (VB/VC/VH/VK/VL) Full-size Belmont/Kingswood/Premier (HK/HT/HG) Belmont/Kingswood/Premier/GTS (HQ/HJ/HX/HZ) Commodore/Berlina/Calais (VN/VP/VR/VS) Commodore/Berlina/Calais/Adventra (VT/VX/VY/VZ) Commodore/Berlina/Calais (VE) Full-size Brougham (HK/HT/HG) Statesman† (HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB) Statesman/Caprice (VQ/VR/VS) Statesman/Caprice (WH/WK/WL) Statesman/Caprice (WM) Sports Piazza (YB) Calibra (YE) Tigra (XC) Astra (AH) Sports Monaro (HK/HT/HG) Monaro/Limited Edition (HQ/HJ/HX) Monaro (V2/VZ) Utility Rodeo (KB) Rodeo (TF) Rodeo/Colorado (RA/RC) Utility Utility (50/FJ) Utility (FE/FC) Utility (FB/EK) Utility (EJ/EH) Utility (HD/HR) Belmont/Kingswood (HK/HT/HG) Belmont/Kingswood/Utility/One Tonner (HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB) Commodore (VG/VP/VR/VS) Ute/One Tonner/Crewman (VU/VY/VZ) Ute (VE) Van Gemini (TD/TE/TF/TG) Scurry (NB) Combo (SB) Combo (XC) Van Panel van (FJ) Panel van (FE/FC) Panel van (FB/EK) Panel van (EJ/EH) Panel van (HD/HR) Belmont (HK/HT/HG) Belmont/Kingswood/Panel van (HQ/HJ/HX/HZ/WB) Shuttle (WFR) Zafira (TT) Subcompact SUV Drover (QB) Cruze (YG) Subcompact SUV Compact SUV Frontera (UT) Frontera (UE) Captiva MaXX/Captiva 5 (CG) Compact SUV Mid-size SUV Jackaroo (UBS-1) Jackaroo/Monterey (UBS-2) Captiva/Captiva 7 (CG) Mid-size SUV Full-size SUV Suburban (K8) Full-size SUV List of Holden vehicles † HQ–WB Statesmans not marketed under the "Holden" brand, but rather the separate "Statesman" brand.