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Wysper Wysper. Art by Mark Bagley. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance Venom: Lethal Protector #2 (March, 1993) Created by Dan Slott John Calimee In-story information Alter ego Jennifer Stewart Team affiliations The Jury, Vault Guardsmen, Edwin Cord Abilities No superhuman powers, body-armor, jet-boots, sonic weapons Wysper (Jennifer Stewart) is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe. She first appeared Venom: Lethal Protector #2 (March, 1993) and was created by Dan Slott and John Calimee. Contents 1 Fictional character biography 1.1 The Initiative 2 Powers and abilities 3 Notes 3.1 Guardsmen 4 References 5 Bibliography 6 External links Fictional character biography Jennifer "Jenny" Stewart, also known as Wysper is a member of the Jury. Jennifer and her husband Ryan were Guardsmen at the Vault, a prison for superhuman criminals. Ryan was murdered during a prison riot by prisoner Luis Alvarez, the second Tarantula. After the murder of her husband Jennifer moved in with a roommate named Claire until receiving a notice for "jury duty".[volume & issue needed] The majority of the members of the Jury were also former Guardsmen at the vault. The Jury soon freed Luis Alvarez from a prison in Del Boca Dios. After their own version of a trial the Tarantula managed to free himself and was given the option to kill Wysper to gain his freedom. Wysper and Tarantula dueled and Wysper was poisoned. To gain the antidote, Wysper had to kill Tarantula. At first she hesitated to do so until the Jury informed her that Tarantula had killed her husband Ryan. Wysper chose to snap Tarantula's neck and her joining of the Jury was made official.[volume & issue needed] Wysper was with the team when they lost their funding and were forced to work for Edwin Cord with the U.S. Agent as the Jury's new leader. The Jury fought the Thunderbolts and lost. Later they helped the Thunderbolts defeat the second Secret Empire.[volume & issue needed] The Initiative Jenny is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the Initiative[1]. Powers and abilities Wysper has a Guardsman-based suit of armor that allows her to fly and fire energy blasts. She also has sonic weapons that can cause feedback or cause an opponent to experience a loss of balance. Notes Guardsmen There is another character also known as Wysper was part of the original team of Guardsmen recruited by General Orwell Taylor into the Jury to avenge the death of Orwell's oldest son Hugh, a rookie guardsman murdered by Venom. According to Sentry, Jenny and her husband Ryan were two of the best guardsmen he had worked with. References ^ Civil War: Battle Damage Report Bibliography Venom: Sinner Takes All #1-4 Venom: The Hunted #1-3 Thunderbolts #23, 28, 32 External links Wysper at the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe Jury Profile at Jury profile at