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This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone, or spelling. You can assist by editing it. (June 2011) Bai Virbaiji Sopariwala Parsi High School Location Karachi, Sindh Pakistan Information Type Private Motto Towards that best light Established 1859 Principal Mrs. Kermin Parakh Bai Virbaijee Soparivala Parsi High School (B.V.S. Parsi High School) is located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It was opened on May 23, 1859, as Karachi Parsi Balak Shalla by the Zoroastrian residents of Karachi with the motto, "Towards that best light." The Government of Education - Sindh has rated B.V.S. "The Best Private Boys School for the Millennium". Contents 1 Early history 2 List of principals 3 Notable alumni 4 External links Early history The consecration of the first Dokhma (Tower of Silence) in Karachi is dated 22 April 1847. On 25 January 1848 when this Dodoma (Ghadialli's) was completed, the Hirjikaka Agiari, Fire temple, situated in the Saddar Bazar, was also commenced. This shows that by the middle of the nineteenth century the Parsi community in Karachi had settled in appreciable numbers. The first available census figures of 1872 show that there were only 777 Parsis: 427 males and 350 females. The child population must have grown considerably, for within ten years of the opening ceremony of the Hirjikaka's Dare Meher, on 3 May 1849, a move was made to open a school for the Parsi children of Karachi. The second volume of the Parsi Prakash, of Seth Bomanji Patel, mentions as a footnote the following: "The Zoroastrian residents of Karachi feeling the need of imparting religious education and a knowledge of Gujarati, commenced collecting donations and subscriptions from the members of the community and opened on the 23 May 1859 "The Parsi Balakshala". The lead in this matter was taken by Seth Nanabhai Framji Spencer, who for the first three years was its Secretary. In the month of June, when Seth Nanabhai Spencer had to return to Bombay, the Parsi Zoroastrians of Karachi, presented to him an address of appreciation on 23 June 1862. In place of Seth Nanabhai, Shapurji Hormusji Soparivala was appointed the secretary and Seth Pestomji Byramji Kotwal the Joint Secretary so that he could look after the school daily." Nanabhai F. Spencer was the Founder-Secretary and Treasurer in 1859 while Mobed Naurozdaru was the first teacher at "The Parsi Balakshala". In 1862, Seth Shahpurji became the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer as he was regarded as the founder of the school because of his services and donations. In 1869, Bai Virbaiji Soparivala, wife of Seth Shahpurji, died and in 1870 Parsi Balakshala was renamed after the deceased wife of the founder as Parsi Virbaiji Soparivala School (P.V.S.S.). The school also shifted to Soparivala House in the same year. In 1875, Parsi Virbaiji Soparivala School became Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi Anglo-Vernacular School and H. E. Sir Robert Temple, Governor of Bombay, visited the P. V. S. In 1877, Seth Shahpurji was awarded the "Certificate of Loyalty" by Queen Victoria for his services in the field of education and the social sector. In 1904, the construction of the present building started, and, in 1906, P.V.S shifted to the new building at Victoria Road (now Abdullah Haroon Road). The second story of the building was constructed in 1923 while the Gorwala Hall was built in 1932. Eduljee Bejanji Kandawala Library was founded in 1916 at the P.V.S. In 1918, organizational restructuring took place at the school and the school was bifurcated into "Mama Parsi Girls School" for girls and Parsi Virbaiji School for boys. In 1922, formal English education started at the school and it was renamed as Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School. In 1927, Cowasjee-Variawas Scout Band was formed at the school. In 1940, Cowasjee family gifted the school gymkhana to B.V.S. B.V.S. was recognized as a technical high school in 1945. After the partition of British India, non-Parsi students were admitted at the school at the request of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah as there was a shortage of good schools in the newly created state of Pakistan. Centenary functions were held at the school in 1959. Eduljee Bejanji Kandawala Library received gifts from Minneapolis (1958-59) and Asian Foundation (1954). The School's Technical Hall was gifted its machinery by the Ford Foundation in 1956. BVS is one of the oldest Parsi school for boys in Karachi, Pakistan. Located near the electronic market on Abdullah Haroon Road in Karachi, the school boasts an original school building constructed in 1857. List of principals Name Year Ruttonji Pestonji Gowalla 1859 - 1863 Mr. Dhanjibhai Dates not available. Mr. Framji   Mr. Jamshedji Framji Master 1863 – 1884 Mr. Khursedji Shapurji Soparivala (Hon.) 1884 Mr. Umiyashanker Khushal 1884 Mr. Ramji Chapsi (Mochi) 1884 – 1887 Mr. Dinshaw Pestonji Ghadially 1888 – 1899 Mr. Cowashah Edulji Anklesaria 1900 – 1918 Mr. Rustom Jamsedji Dastur 1918 – 1920 Dr. Maneck B. Pithawalla 1920 – 1946 Mr.J.N.Dave 1932 (Acting principal during Dr. Pithawalla's study leave) Mr. Behram Sohrab H. J. Rustomji 1946 – 1965 Mr. Behram Minwalla 1965 – 1967 Mr. Rustom V. Divecha 1967 – 1972 Mrs.Deena M. Mistri 1972 – 2004 Mrs. Kermin Parakh 2005 - Present Notable alumni Suhail Al Zarooni Uzair Paracha External links Official Website v · d · eSchools in Karachi Albatross Grammar School · Avicenna School · Aisha Bawany Academy · Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School · Bay View Academy · Bay View High School · Beaconhouse School System · British Overseas School · CAS School · The City School · Convent of Jesus and Mary · Fair Field High School · Foundation Public School · Habib Public School · Happy Home High School · Indus Academy · Jaffar Public School · Karachi American School · Karachi Cambridge School · Karachi Grammar School · The Lyceum School · Madressa-e-Islamia · Metropolis Academy · The International School · Metropolitan Academy · Narayan Jagannath High School · PAF Fazaia Degree College (Faisal) · PIA Model Secondary School · Pakistan Navy School · River Oaks Academy · Shahwilayat Public School · Sindh Madrasatul Islam · Southshore School for A-Level Studies · Springfield School · St Michael's Convent School · St Joseph's Convent School · St Patrick's High School · St. Patrick's Technical School · St Paul's English High School This Pakistan school-related article is a stub. 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