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Tom Paddock Statistics Real name Thomas Paddock Nickname(s) Redditch Needlepointer Rated at Heavyweight Height 5 ft 10.5 in (1.79 m) Nationality British Born 1822 Redditch, Worcestershire Died 30 June 1863(1863-06-30) Marylebone, London Boxing record Total fights 16 Wins 11 Losses 5 Tom Paddock, born Thomas Paddock (c. 1822, Redditch – 30 June 1863) also known as the Redditch Needlepointer was a champion British bare-knuckle boxer in the early Victorian era.[1] Tom was baptised on 25 August 1822 in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, the son of George Paddock and Elizabeth (née Morris).[2] Brought up on a farm, he was noted to have developed a size and endurance that lasted him well in his career as a boxer.[1] His professional career in boxing started in 1844; at the time he was just under six feet tall and weighed twelve stone. Between then and 1850 he was largely undefeated in the boxing ring, and gained a reputation not only for his courageousness but for his foul tactics and uncontrollable temper.[1] It was William Thompson of Nottingham who spoilt his clean record in 1850 in Mildenhall, Suffolk.[3] In 1851 a fight against Harry Poulson in Belper ended in a riot when both men were jailed. Both served ten months hard labour.[3] Three years later Paddock challenged both Harry Broome and Bill Perry to a Heavyweight Championship of England bout but both turned it down. Paddock then claimed himself as the Heavyweight Champion of England by default,[3] though this wasn't generally recognised until 1856 following fifty one rounds in the ring against Harry Broome in Manningtree.[4] However his victory was short lived; he lost the title later the same year to Bill Perry.[1] He attempted to regain the title twice but never actually managed it.[3] Paddock's last fight took place in 1860.[3] He died of heart disease on 30 June 1863 in Marylebone.[1][5] A book on Paddock's fighting life is currently being penned by Tom Podmore, a freelance boxing writer from Redditch. References ^ a b c d e Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ^ ^ a b c d e Fighting history at ^ Boxing championship fight at ^ FreeBMD Persondata Name Paddock, Tom Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1822 Place of birth Redditch, Worcestershire Date of death 30 June, 1863 Place of death Marylebone, London