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This is a list of notable Japanese exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Listed in Osaka Securities Exchange 1309 SSE50 Index Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1312 Small Cap Core Index Linked Exchange Traded Fund (Russell/Nomura) 1320 Daiwa ETF - Nikkei 225 – tracks the Nikkei 225 1321 Nikkei 225 Exchange Traded Fund (Nomura) – tracks the Nikkei 225 1328 Gold-Price-Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1323 NEXT FUNDS FTSE/JSE Africa Top40 Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1324 NEXT FUNDS Russia RTS Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1340 Indian Rupee Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1341 Brazilian Real Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1342 Russian Rouble Linked Exchange Traded Fund Listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange 1305 Daiwa ETF-TOPIX 1306 TOPIX ETF 1308 Nikko Exchange Traded TOPIX 1310 Daiwa ETF TOPIX Core 30 1311 TOPIX Core 30 Exchange Traded 1313 KODEX 200 1314 Listed Index Fund S&P Japan Emerging Equity 100 1316 Listed Index Fund TOPIX100 Japan Large Cap Equity 1317 Listed Index Fund TOPIX Mid400 Japan Mid Cap Equity 1318 Listed Index Fund TOPIX Small Japan Small Cap Equity 1319 Nikkei 300 1322 Listed Index Fund China A Share (Panda) CSI300 1326 SPDR Gold Shares 1325 NEXT FUNDS Ibovespa Linked Exchange Traded Fund 1346 NEXT FUNDS REIT INDEX ETF 1327 EasyETF S&P GSCI-Class A USD Unit 1329 i Shares Nikkei 225 1330 Nikko Exchange Traded 225 1344 MAXIS TOPIX Core30 ETF 1345 Listed Index Fund J-REIT (Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index) Bi-Monthly Dividend Payment Type 1610 Daiwa ETF TOPIX Electric Appliances 1612 Daiwa ETF TOPIX Banks 1613 TOPIX Electric Appliances Exchange Traded 1615 TOPIX Banks 1617 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 FOODS ETF 1618 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 ENERGY RESOURCES ETF 1619 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS ETF 1620 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 RAW MATERIALS & CHEMICALS ETF 1621 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 PHARMACEUTICAL ETF 1622 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 AUTOMOBILES & TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT ETF 1623 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 STEEL & NONFERROUS ETF 1624 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 MACHINERY ETF 1625 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES & PRECISION INSTRUMENTS ETF 1626 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 IT & SERVICES,OTHERS ETF 1627 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 ELECTRIC POWER & GAS ETF 1628 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS ETF 1629 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 COMMERCIAL & WHOLESALE TRADE ETF 1630 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 RETAIL TRADE ETF 1631 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 BANKS ETF 1632 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 FINANCIALS (EX BANKS) ETF 1633 NEXT FUNDS TOPIX-17 REAL ESTATE ETF 1634 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 FOODS 1635 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 ENERGY RESOURCES 1636 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 CONSTRUCTION & MATERIALS 1637 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 RAW MATERIALS & CHEMICALS 1638 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 PHARMACEUTICAL 1639 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 AUTOMOBILES & TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENT 1640 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 STEEL & NONFERROUS METALS 1641 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 MACHINERY 1642 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 ELECTRIC APPLIANCES & PRECISION INSTRUMENTS 1643 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 IT & SERVICES,OTHERS 1644 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 ELECTRIC POWER & GAS 1645 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS 1646 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 COMMERCIAL & WHOLESALE TRADE 1647 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 RETAIL TRADE 1648 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 BANKS 1649 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 FINANCIALS(EX BANKS 1650 Daiwa ETF・TOPIX-17 REAL ESTATE See also List of American exchange-traded funds List of Australian exchange-traded funds List of Canadian exchange-traded funds List of European exchange-traded funds List of Hong Kong exchange-traded funds List of Indian exchange-traded funds List of New Zealand exchange-traded funds List of Singaporean exchange-traded funds List of South African exchange-traded funds List of South Korean exchange-traded funds List of Turkish exchange-traded funds