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Arthropathy Classification and external resources ICD-10 M00.-M14. ICD-9 716.9 DiseasesDB 15237 MeSH D007592 An arthropathy is a disease of a joint. [1] Scope Arthritis is a form of arthropathy that involves inflammation of one or more joints,[2] while the term arthropathy may be used regardless of whether there is inflammation or not. Spondylarthropathy is any form of arthropathy of the vertebral column.[3] Arthropathy may also include joint conditions caused by physical trauma to joints, but is traditionally used to describe the following conditions: Reactive arthropathy (M02-M03) is caused by an infection, but not a direct infection of the synovial space. (See also Reactive arthritis) Enteropathic arthropathy (M07) is caused by colitis and related conditions. Crystal arthropathy (also known as crystal arthritis) (M10-M11) involves the deposition of crystals in the joint. In gout, the crystal is uric acid. In pseudogout/chondrocalcinosis/calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease, the crystal is calcium pyrophosphate. Diabetic arthropathy (M14.2, E10-E14) is caused by diabetes. Neuropathic arthropathy (M14.6) is associated with a loss of sensation. References ^ "arthropathy" at Dorland's Medical Dictionary ^ > arthritis in turn citing: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright 2000 Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, HarperCollins Publishers 2003 The American Heritage Science Dictionary Copyright 2005 ^ citing: Mosby's Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. © 2009 Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 3 ed. © 2007 This disease article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e v · d · ePathology: Medical conditions and ICD code (Disease / Disorder / Illness, Syndrome / Sequence, Symptom / Sign, Injury, etc.) (A/B, 001–139) Infectious disease/Infection: Bacterial disease (G+, G-) · Virus disease · Parasitic disease (Protozoan infection, Helminthiasis, Ectoparasitic infestation) · Mycosis · Zoonosis (C/D, 140–239 & 279–289) Cancer (C00–D48, 140–239) Tumor Myeloid hematologic (D50–D77, 280–289) Anemia · Coagulopathy Lymphoid immune (D80–D89, 279) Immunodeficiency · Immunoproliferative disorder · Hypersensitivity (E, 240–278) Endocrine disease · Nutrition disorder · Inborn error of metabolism (F, 290–319) Mental disorder (G, 320–359) Nervous system disease (CNS, PNS) · Neuromuscular disease (H, 360–389) Eye disease · Ear disease (I, 390–459) Cardiovascular disease (Heart disease, Vascular disease) (J, 460–519) Respiratory disease (Obstructive lung disease, Restrictive lung disease, Pneumonia) (K, 520–579) Stomatognathic disease (Tooth disease) · Digestive disease (Esophageal, Stomach, Enteropathy, Liver, Pancreatic) (L, 680–709) Skin disease · skin appendages (Nail disease, Hair disease, Sweat gland disease) (M, 710–739) Musculoskeletal disorders: Myopathy · Arthropathy · Osteochondropathy (Osteopathy, Chondropathy) (N, 580–629) Urologic disease (Nephropathy, Urinary bladder disease) · Male genital disease · Breast disease · Female genital disease (O, 630–679) Complications of pregnancy · Obstetric labor complication · Puerperal disorder (P, 760–779) Fetal disease (Q, 740–759) Congenital disorder (Congenital abnormality) (R, 780–799) Syndromes · Medical signs (Eponymous) (S/T, 800–999) Bone fracture · Joint dislocation · Sprain · Strain · Subluxation · Head injury · Chest trauma · Poisoning v · d · eMusculoskeletal disorders: Arthropathies (M00–M19, 711–719) Arthritis (monoarthritis/ polyarthritis) Inflammation (Neutrophilia) Infectious Septic arthritis · Tuberculosis arthritis · Reactive arthritis (indirectly) Noninfectious Seronegative spondyloarthropathy: Reactive arthritis · Psoriatic arthritis · Ankylosing spondylitis Rheumatoid arthritis: Juvenile idiopathic arthritis · Adult-onset Still's disease · Felty's syndrome Crystal arthropathy: Gout · Chondrocalcinosis Noninflammatory Osteoarthritis: Heberden's node · Bouchard's nodes Other hemorrhage (Hemarthrosis) · pain (Arthralgia) · Osteophyte · villonodular synovitis (Pigmented villonodular synovitis) · Joint stiffness M: JNT anat(h/c, u, t, l)/phys noco(arth/defr/back/soft)/cong, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug(M01C, M4) v · d · eSoft tissue disorders / Rheumatism / Connective tissue arthropathy (M65–M79, 725–728) Capsular joint Synoviopathy Synovitis/Tenosynovitis (Calcific tendinitis, Stenosing tenosynovitis, Trigger finger, DeQuervain's syndrome) · Transient synovitis · Ganglion cyst osteochondromatosis (Synovial osteochondromatosis) · Plica syndrome villonodular synovitis (Giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath) Bursopathy Bursitis (Olecranon, Prepatellar, Trochanteric, Subacromial) · Synovial cyst (Baker's cyst) · Calcific bursitis Noncapsular joint Ligamentopathy Ligamentous laxity · Hypermobility Enthesopathy/Enthesitis (and general tendinopathy) upper limb (Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder, Rotator cuff tear, Golfer's elbow, Tennis elbow) lower limb (Iliotibial band syndrome, Patellar tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, Calcaneal spur, Metatarsalgia) · Bone spur other/general: Tendinitis · Tendinosis Nonjoint Fasciopathy Fasciitis: Plantar · Nodular · Necrotizing · Eosinophilic Fibromatosis/contracture Dupuytren's contracture · Plantar fibromatosis · Aggressive fibromatosis · Knuckle pads M: JNT anat(h/c, u, t, l)/phys noco(arth/defr/back/soft)/cong, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug(M01C, M4) M: MUS, DF+DRCT anat (h/n, u, t/d, a/p, l)/phys/devp/hist noco(m, s, c)/cong(d)/tumr, sysi/epon, injr proc, drug (M1A/3)