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Franklin Inn in 2006 Franklin Inn interior The Franklin Inn was built by Cornelius Van Liew in 1752.[1] Located at 2371 Amwell Road (Route 514), East Millstone, NJ. Originally the Van Liew farmhouse, it has also been known as Annie Van Liew's House and, after being remodeled into a tavern and inn, the Franklin House Hotel. [2] Contents 1 History 2 Meadows Foundation 3 References 4 External links // History Cornelius Van Liew (1734-1777) and his wife, Antje Bowman aka Anne Bowman, were married in 1757, and they lived in the house. Their children were: Frederick Van Liew (1758-?); Cornelius Van Liew (1762-?); Antje Van Liew (1764-?) aka Anne Van Liew; Marya "Mary" van Liew (1766-?); Deneys van Liew (1767-?); Johanis "John" Van Liew (1770-?); and Helena Van Liew (1772-?) During the Revolutionary War, British General Charles Cornwallis, in June 1777, took over the house and used it as his headquarters for five days while hoping to engage a greatly outnumbered Continental army under General George Washington encamped nearby in the Watchung Mountains at the First Middlebrook encampment. Several thousand British troops camped nearby in what is now Colonial Park as more of British General Howe's troops occupied nearby New Brunswick and Middlebush.[3] During the war, American Revolutionary generals used the house to hold meetings. The homestead remained in the Van Liew family until 1822, when it was sold to John Wyckoff. He rented the property as a tavern around 1829. It was closed in 1916 with the onset of prohibition. The opening of the Delaware and Raritan Canal in 1834 brought in boat crews and a steady flow of customers that continued with the arrival of the railroad in 1870. The birth of the automobile brought an end to the building's use as a tavern, but it continued to operate and serve the public as a barbershop, an insurance agency, pet food shop, and an antiques store. bob Meadows Foundation The building is currently operated as a used book store by the Meadows Foundation. References ^ "Franklin Inn". Meadows Foundation. Retrieved 2009-07-29. "Frederick Van Liew was one of the eight “Hollanders” that originally purchased 10,000 acres of land from the Harrison Tract in 1701. His son Frederick Jr. was only seven year old then. When he had grown up, he deeded the homestead property to his son Cornelius in 1752, where he built [the] first part of the traditional Dutch (anchor bent) house. When he and his wife, Antje (Ann) were married in 1757, he brought his bride to this house. Cornelius died during the American Revolution and soon it became known as Annie Van Liew's House."  ^ William B. Brahms, Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ: A History, FTPL; ISBN 0-9668586-0-3 p.55 ^ "Franklin Inn". July 23, 2009. Retrieved 2009-07-29. "It is believed that during the Revolutionary War, British General Charles Cornwallis took over the house, using it as his headquarters for five days in 1777, while several thousand of his troops camped nearby in Colonial Park. George Washington had just moved his army up to the Middlebrook Encampment on top of the Watchung Mountains. The English tried to lure Washington and his men down on several occasions without success."  External links HABS documents of the Franklin Inn Franklin Inn on the Meadows Foundation web site Franklin Township Public Library's Photo Archive of the Franklin Inn Coordinates: 40°30′13″N 74°34′55″W / 40.503556°N 74.581806°W / 40.503556; -74.581806