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For the radio reception report code, see SINPO. Sinpo Chosŏn'gŭl 신포시 Hancha 新浦市 McCune–Reischauer Sinp'o si Revised Romanization Sinpo-si Statistics Population 158,000 (est.) Administrative divisions 15 tong, 13 ri Sinpo is a port city on the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea) in central South Hamgyong province, North Korea. According to the last available census, approximately 158,000 people reside here. The average temperature is -4.1 ℃ in January and 22.6 ℃ in August. The average annual rainfall is 688 millimeters. It is an important base for fishing, with a recent government emphasis on aquaculture. The DPRK has created aquacultural cooperatives and a central aquaculture office in the city. Near Sinpo in 1987 the building of first national nuclear plant was started by USSR but construction was cancelled in 1991 due to luck of funding and in 1993 finally according to political reasons. Then this place was the site of a two planned reactors which was to have been built by the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) with international support. Preparations on site began in 1994 and construction of reactor started in 1997, but was never completed. The last international workers were removed from the area in January 2006. See also South Hamgyong Administrative divisions of North Korea Geography of North Korea External links (Korean) In Korean language online encyclopedias: Doosan Encyclopedia (Naver) Korean language Britannica (Empas) (Map) Encyclopedia of Korean Culture (Empas) Pascal World Encyclopedia (Nate) v · d · eMetropolitan cities of North Korea Directly governed city Pyongyang · Rason Provincial capitals Chongjin · Haeju · Hamhung · Hyesan · Kanggye · Sariwon · Sinuiju · Wonsan Cities (not included above) Anju · Chongju · Hoeryong · Huichon · Kaechon · Kaesong · Kimchaek · Kusong · Manpo · Munchon · Nampho · Pyongsong · Sinpo · Songrim · Sunchon · Tanchon · Tokchon v · d · eSouth Hamgyŏng Capital Hamhŭng Cities Hamhŭng · Sinp'o · Tanch'ŏn Districts Sudong · Kŭmho Counties Changjin · Chŏngp'yŏng · Hamju · Hŏch'ŏn · Hongwŏn · Kowŏn · Kŭmya · Pujŏn · Pukch'ŏng · Ragwŏn · Riwŏn · Sinhŭng · Tŏksŏng · Yŏnggwang · Yodŏk Coordinates: 40°05′N 128°15′E / 40.083°N 128.25°E / 40.083; 128.25 This North Korea location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e