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Neuhof substation in August 2009 View of former converter hall Neuhof Substation is a 110 kV substation in Neuhof, an urban part of Bad Sachsa. Neuhof substation went in service in 1985 and was connected with a 110 kV-powerline for three phase alternating current with Wolkramshausen substation in former GDR. It was therefore one of the few substations in former Western Germany, into which electricity from GDR was fed. By Neuhof substation up to 40 MVA could be imported. Up to 25 MVA of the imported power could be fed via 5 rotary motor-generators, which were manufactured by Siemens and used for the compensation of frequency fluctuations of the East German power grid, into the power grid of West Germany. Additionally power was fed directly from the East German power grid into the grids of Bad Sachsa, Walkenried, Zorge and Wieda. The used converters consisted of a three-phase asyncron engine with short circuited rotor on the driving side and an asynchron generator with a slip-ring fed rotor, whereby the frequency adjustment was made by a static frequency inverter, which feeds the rotor. The start of the plant took place over the slip-ring rotor with a conventional starter circuit. After the engine had reached its nominal speed, the short circuited rotor was connected, which took over then the drive. In April 1990 the plant was shut down and between 2003 and 2005 the machines were dismantled. The machine halls stand still today and are by Harzenergie for internal purposes. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Neuhof Substation