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This is a list of historic Estonian Navy ships, complete and correct as of February 2008. In total there were more than 120 ships in the navy during between 1918-1940 and 7 ships between 1991-2006 which were decommissioned. Contents 1 Destroyers 2 Gunboats 3 Minelayers 4 Minesweepers 5 Torpedo boats 6 Patrol ships 7 Submarines 8 Auxiliary ships Destroyers ENS Lennuk ENS Vambola Gunboats ENS Lembit (gunboat) ENS Meeme (gunboat) ENS Mardus (gunboat) Minelayers ENS Ristna ENS Suurop Minesweepers ENS Keri ENS Vaindlo ENS Tahkona ENS Lehtma ENS Kalev (M414) ENS Wambola (M311) ENS Sulev (M312) Torpedo boats ENS Sulev - A class torpedo boat Patrol ships ENS Laine (patrol ship) ENS Grif (patrol ship) - Zhuk class EML Ristna (P422) EML Suurop (P423) Submarines ENS Lembit ENS Kalev Auxiliary ships ENS Laine ENS Kompass (cablelayer) ENS Lood (research ship) v · d · eMerevägi Estonian Naval Force Mineships Division Frigates EML Admiral Pitka (A230) Minehunters EML Wambola (M311) • EML Sulev (M312) • EML Admiral Cowan (M313) • EML Sakala (M314) • EML Ugandi (M315) Minelayers EML Olev (M415) • EML Vaindlo (M416) Support vessels EML Ristna (P422) • EML Suurop (P423) • EML Ahti (A431) • EML Tasuja (A432) Garrisons Miinisadam Naval Base v · d · eKaitsevägi Estonian Defence Forces Maavägi (Army) • Merevägi (Navy) • Õhuvägi (Air force) • Kaitseliit (National Guard)