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««« 1888 1887 1886 1885 1884 1889 in Ireland »»» 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 Decades: 1860s • 1870s • 1880s • 1890s • 1900s Centuries: 17th • 18th • 19th • 20th • 21st See also: 1889 in the United Kingdom Other events of 1889 List of years in Ireland Contents 1 Events 2 Arts and literature 3 Sport 3.1 Boxing 3.2 Football 3.3 Gaelic Games 3.4 Golf 4 Births 4.1 January to June 4.2 July to December 4.3 Full date unknown 5 Deaths 5.1 Full date unknown 6 References Events June — Edward Carson becomes the youngest QC in Ireland (aged 35).[1] 16 July — Ballymena and Larne Railway taken over by Belfast and Northern Counties Railway.[2][3] 24 December — Irish nationalist Charles Stewart Parnell is accused of adultery after Captain Willy O'Shea files for divorce on the grounds his wife Kitty O'Shea had an affair with Parnell. The scandal will later result in the dismissal of Parnell as leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party. A religious group of the Order of Carmelites leave Dublin for the United States at the invitation of the New York Archbishop later establishing the Provence of St. Elias. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children is founded. The Land League builds a house for recently evicted tenant Tom Kelly in Kiltimagh, County Mayo. Poet William Butler Yeats is introduced by John O'Leary to Irish nationalist Maude Gonne. Union leader James Connolly is married to Lillie Reynolds in Dublin. Connolly later deserts the British Army and flees to Perth, Scotland. Industrialist Horace Plunkett returns to Ireland after his fathers death. The Tropical Ravine House in Belfast Botanic Gardens is built by head gardener Charles McKimm. Foundation stone laid for the Albert Bridge, Belfast by Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Albert Victor. Arts and literature Richard Davis publishes Revolutionary Imperialist: William Smith O`Brien 1803–1864. John Thomas Gilbert's Calendar of Ancient Records of the Corporation of Dublin is published. Arthur Graves writes the lyrics of Father O'Flynn Douglas Hyde publishes Beside the Fire. George Moore publishes Mike Fletcher. Standish James O'Grady publishes Red Hugh's Captivity. Whitworth Porter publishes History of the Corps of Royal Engineers. Amye Reade's Ruby is published. Dr. G.T. Stokes publishes Ireland and the Anglo-Norman Church. Oscar Wilde's dialog Decay of Lying and Portrait of Mr WH are published. William Butler Yeats publishes The Wanderings of Oisen and Crossways. Sport Boxing July 8 — The last official bare knuckles title fight ever held as Heavyweight Champion John L. Sullivan defeats Jack Kilrain in a world championship bout lasting 75 rounds. Football International 2 March England 6 — 0 Ireland (in Liverpool)[4] 9 March Scotland 7 — 0 Ireland (in Glasgow)[4] 27 April Ireland 1 — 3 Wales (in Belfast)[4] Irish Cup Winners: Distillery 5 — 4 YMCA Glenavon F.C. was founded in Lurgan, County Armagh. Gaelic Games The first GAA Armagh Championship is held. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, including Archbishop Logue, condemn the GAA for its violence and demoralising influences as well as charging the association as a recruiting ground of radical nationalist organizations. March 24 — The first Cavan Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) convention is held in Armagh. September 8 — The Cavan Gaelic Athletic Association holds a football game between Killinkere and Crosserlough. The game is reported by the Anglo-Celt as "..More like a contest between 42 dangerous and ferocious wire haired lunatics than any competition." Golf The Royal County Down Golf Club is founded in Newcastle, County Down. The Royal Dublin Golf Club moves from Sutton to its present home on Bull Island. Golf is first played at the Dooks Golf Club in Killorglin, County Kerry. Births January to June 1 January — Patrick McGill, in Glenties, writer. 10 January — Maurice Collis, colonial administrator and writer (d.1973). 2 February — Dorothy Macardle, author and historian (d.1958). 8 March — Ina Boyle, composer. 17 March — Harry Clarke, stained glass artist and book illustrator (d.1931). 17 March — Fionán Lynch, Sinn Féin MP and TD, member of 1st Dáil, Cabinet Minister, Cumann na nGaedheal and Fine Gael TD (d.1966). 12 April — Patrick McGilligan — Cumann na nGaedheal/Fine Gael TD and Cabinet Minister (d.1979). 13 April — Ernest Blythe, writer, journalist and theatre manager, member of 1st Dáil and Cabinet Minister (b.1975). 7 June — Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary (d.1980). June — James Sleator, painter (d.1950). July to December 19 July — John Vincent Holland, soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1916 at Guillemont, France (d.1975). 22 August — Seán MacEntee, Fianna Fáil TD and Tánaiste from 1959 to 1965 (d.1984). 17 November — James Duffy, soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1917 at Kereina Peak, Palestine (d.1969). 20 November — Donn Byrne, writer. 1 December — Michael Hayes, Pro-Treaty TD, Cabinet Minister, Ceann Comhairle of Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann member (d.1976). 24 December — Patrick MacGill, journalist, poet and novelist (d.1963). Full date unknown Arthur Duff, conductor. Seán Keating, painter (d.1977). James Macauley, former soccer player. Sean Moylan, Sinn Féin leader, Fianna Fáil TD, member of 9th Seanad. Séamus Ó Grianna, writer (d.1969). Michael Riordan, San Francisco Police Department Chief (d.1967). Helen Waddell, poet, translator and playwright (d.1965). Deaths 9 February — Peter Lalor, leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion in Australia (b.1827). 29 February — Richard Pigott, newspaper editor. 16 March — Hans Crocker, lawyer and Wisconsin politician (b.1815). 13 April — Thomas Lane, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1860 at the Taku Forts, China (b.1836). 10 May — Edward Jennings, soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1857 at Lucknow, India (b. c1820). 19 July — Patrick Green, soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1857 at Delhi, India (b.1824). 6 October — Hans Garrett Moore, soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry in 1877 at Komgha, South Africa (b.1830). 21 October — John Ball, politician, naturalist and Alpine traveller (b.1818). 18 November — William Allingham, poet. 7 December — John Tuigg, third Roman Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (b.1828). Full date unknown William Barber, businessman and politician in Ontario. Michael Joseph Barry, poet. Arthur Gerald Geoghegan, poet. Dr. Henry Hudson, magazine editor. Charles Lanyon, architect (b.1813). Edmund O'Rourke, dramatist. References ^ Stewart, A.T.Q. (1981). Edward Carson. Gill’s Irish Lives. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan.  ^ Ferris, Tom (1993). The Irish Narrow Gauge, Volume 2, The Ulster Lines. Leicester: Midland Publishing. ISBN 1-85780-017-6.  ^ Patterson, Edward M. (1968). The Ballymena Lines. Newton Abbot: David & Charles. p. 94. ISBN 0-7153-4183-9.  ^ a b c Hayes, Dean (2006). Northern Ireland International Football Facts. Belfast: Appletree Press. pp. 151–152. ISBN 0-86281-874-5.