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Minh Tuyết Background information Birth name Trần Thị Minh Tuyết Born Saigon, South Vietnam Genres Pop Labels Thuy Nga, Tinh Music Website Official Website Minh Tuyết is a Vietnamese-American pop singer, currently performing on Thuy Nga's Paris by Night. Her sisters are Cam Ly, a singer in Vietnam, and Ha Phuong (also a singer) who performs with her as part of the cast of Paris By Night. She is known in the Vietnamese American culture for being the Vietnamese pop princess. Her most notable songs are Lang Thang, Quan Vang Mot Minh, and Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi. Her real name is Tran Thi Minh Tuyet, the English translation of her name is "morning snow." Contents 1 Biography 2 Discography 2.1 Thúy Nga Productions 3 References 4 External links Biography Minh Tuyet was born on Oct 15, 1976 in Saigon, Vietnam in a family of four sisters and two brothers. Two of her elder sisters are singers Cam Ly and Ha Phuong. Her father is a music enthusiast who enjoyed composing songs as a hobby. Minh Tuyet had a strong passion for singing when she was a child. At 17, she performed on the music stage at Trong Dong, Saigon for the first time as a professional singer. The performance was considered to be a success, which officially launched her on the singing career. In 1997, Minh Tuyet came to the United States via the international student program. She initially worked for Tinh Productions, a music company which produced Vietnamese audio and video media. Her first CD was Yeu Nhau, Ghet Nhau, released in 1998, and her first solo DVD, Ve Cuoi Duong Tinh, an anthology of music videos, was released in 2002. Minh Tuyet sang a variety of music genres during this time including folk, Chinese translated, pop and rap. She was however, most successful in ubiquitous love ballads. In 2002, Minh Tuyet joined Thuy Nga Productions, a better-known music production company. She appeared for the first time on Paris By Night 65, titled Yeu, performing the love song Trai Tim Lo Lam. Her career can be seen to prosper since joining Paris By Night. In a few years time, she became one of Thuy Nga's best selling artists. Most of her fans are in their late teens who were attracted to her seductive performing and dressing style. Although she continued to sing a variety of music genres, most of her famous songs are still love ballads, which made her name. She performed many of Thuy Nga's copyrighted songs such Ngay Xua Anh Hoi, Da Khong Yeu Thi Thoi. Her latest cd released is Đã Không Còn Hối Tiếc Discography Yêu Nhau Ghét Nhau Cho Em Một Ngày Mắt Buồn Lang Thang Bờ Bến Lạ Và Em Còn Mãi Yêu Anh Trở Về Phố Cũ Muộn Màng Mãi Là Người Đến Sau Sao Anh Ra Đi Duett : Trái Tim Không Ngủ Yên Tình Yêu Muôn Thuở Tình Đơn Phương Chân Tình Mix: Top Hits with Hạ Vy, Huy Vũ, Johnny Dũng Top Hits with Diễm Liên, Thanh Trúc, Hạ Vy, Minh Tuyết Liên Khúc Tình 1 with Tú Quyên, Johnny Dũng Liên Khúc Tình 2 Thúy Nga Productions Làm Sao Anh Biết Ngày Xưa Anh Hỡi (TNCD325), 2004 Đoá Hồng Đẫm Máu (TNCD348), 2005 Yêu Một Người, TNCD402, 2007 Yêu Một Người Sống Bên Một Người, DVD Đã Không Yêu Thì Thôi - The Best Of Minh Tuyết, DVD DVD Minh Tuyết Karaoke: Mơ Những Ngày Nắng Lên Đã Không Còn Hối Tiếc (TNCD448), 2009 Duet : Bởi Vì Anh Yêu Em với Bằng Kiều (TNCD372), 2006 References Miratunes bio (English) Singer Minh Tuyet dreams big in Little Saigon, Los Angeles Times, May 10, 2008 (Vietnamese) Minh Tuyết Bio (Vietnamese) Minh Tuyết thấy may mắn vì được yêu thương External links Minh Tuyet's Interview on SBTN Persondata Name Minh Tuyet Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1976 Place of birth Date of death Place of death