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Bahrain Telecommunication Company BSC Type Bahraini Shareholding Company (B.S.C) Industry Telecommunications Founded 1981 (1981) Headquarters Hamala, Bahrain Area served Middle East , North Africa and India Key people Hamad Bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa (Chairman) Peter Kaliaropoulos (CEO) Group Mohamed Bin Isa Al-Khalifa (Deputy Chairman) Kataryna Stapleton (CFO) Group Services Integrated Communications Revenue $902.7 million (2010) Net income $230.2 million (2010) Subsidiaries List Umniah Mobile Communications Qualitynet S Tel Etihad Atheeb Telecom Co. "GO" Sabafon Batelco Egypt Website Bahrain Telecommunications Company - (Batelco) - (Arabic: بتلكو‎) is the principal telecommunications company of Bahrain. The company is headquartered in Bahrain and is listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange. Contents 1 Ownership 2 About Batelco 3 Batelco in the Media 4 Executive Management 4.1 Group Executive Management 4.2 Bahrain Executive Management 5 Products & Services 5.1 Personal (Consumer) Services 5.2 Business’ Customers (Enterprises) Services 6 Corporate Social Responsibility 6.1 Batelco Live 6.2 Crown Prince Scholarship Fund 6.3 Shaikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre 6.4 Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) 6.5 Muharraq Social Welfare Centre 6.6 Hope Institute for Special Education 6.7 Bahrain International Air Show (BIAS) 6.8 Ramadan Basket 6.9 Bahrain Anmimal Production Show (BAPS) 6.10 Shaikh Faisal Memorial Golf Trophy 7 Corporate Governance 8 Employees 9 Mergers and Acquisitions 10 Subsidiary companies 11 References 12 External links Ownership Batelco HQ in Bahrain - Al Hamala. Batelco was established in 1981 as a Bahraini shareholding company and has an authorized share capital of BD100 million (US$265 million). Batelco's major shareholders include the Government of Bahrain, Quasi-government institutions, financial and commercial organizations, and private Bahraini and GCC investors. Earlier, these parties together held 80% of Batelco, while Cable and Wireless held the remaining 20%. On 6 December 2006, Cable & Wireless International (CWI) sold its 20% stake in Batelco. The acquiring entities are Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Co. B.S.C.(c), General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) and The Pension Fund Commission. All three are existing shareholders of Batelco, and have acquired CWI’s stake for an agreed purchase price of US$506.1 million. About Batelco Batelco Network Operations Centre. The Batelco Group comprises of a number of leading telecommunication companies across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions. It is a listed entity on the Bahrain Stock Exchange since 1989, trading under the symbol Batelco and known as BATELCO (Bahrain Telecommunications Company). The origin of the Batelco Group and its core operations for many years were centred on serving the needs of the Bahrain public and organisations operating in Bahrain. Today, the Batelco Group of Companies serve both the consumer and corporate markets in Bahrain, the most liberalised and competitive environment in the Middle East and Africa region and, also delivers cutting-edge fixed and wireless telecommunication services to its customers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt and India. The Batelco Group of Companies includes the following operations, subsidiaries and joint ventures: Batelco Bahrain (100% owned by BSC) Batelco Egypt (100%) Umniah Jordan (96.0%) QualityNet Kuwait (44.0%) STel India (42.7%) Sabafon Yemen (26.9%) Atheeb Saudi Arabia (15.0%) The Batelco Group’s Bahrain Operation, is the leading integrated communications’ provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain and a company of reference among the region’s key telecommunication players for innovation and customer experience. The Batelco Group of Companies offer end-to-end telecommunication solutions to its residential, business and government customers in Bahrain on Next Generation, all IP fixed and 3.5G wireless networks, MPLS based regional data solutions and, GSM mobile and WiMax broadband services across the countries in which it operates. Batelco Earth Station. Batelco in the Media To find out about Batelco main Headlines and up to date News follow the link.[1] Executive Management Group Executive Management Group Chief Executive Officer: Peter Kaliaropoulos Group Chief Financial Officer: Kataryna Stapleton Group General Manager Human Resources & Development: Shaikh Ahmed Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa Group Board Secretary & GM Media Relations: Ahmed Al Janahi Group General Counsel: Bernadette Baynie Group Chief Internal Auditor: Ali Sharif To view Batelco Group Key Personnal Profiles follow the link .[2] Bahrain Executive Management Chief Executive Officer: Rashid Abdulla Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Ghassan Murad Chief Technical Officer: John Ford General Manager Consumer Division: Muna Al Hashemi General Manager Enterprise Division: Adel Daylami General Manager Products & Services Division: Mohammed Bubshait General Manager HR Bahrain: Suhaila Al Nowakhda General Manager Wholesale & Carrier Relations: Hamza Ali To view Batelco Bahrain Key Personnal Profiles follow the link. [3] Products & Services A Batelco Retail Shop (Interior). Batelco provides integrated communication solutions with a comprehensive range of products & services, to meet the demands of its residential, business and government segment customers. Batelco strives to deliver the latest trends in telecom innovation to provide Bahrain’s residents with products & services that are on par with those available from leading international telecommunication companies. Personal (Consumer) Services Mobile Services. Including: Postpaid services, Prepaid services, Data services & O-Net. Internet Services (Personal Broadband). Fixed Services. Promotions. Business’ Customers (Enterprises) Services Mobile Services. Business Internet & E- Services. (i.e. : E-fax) Data Services. Connectivity & Continuity. Enterprise Solutions. Wholesale. For detailed info about Batelco Products & services follow the link.[4] Corporate Social Responsibility Since its establishment as a Bahraini Company in 1981, Batelco has committed millions of Dinars to give back to the community and assist local charities through its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. It is Batelco’s ongoing aim to reach out to the community and positively affect the lives of as many people as possible through its support for health, education, sports, and cultural initiatives. Batelco’s CSR initiatives between 2005 and 2010 included: Batelco Live The ambitious Batelco Live project is being implemented to provide free internet in the Kingdom’s villages. Batelco aims to provide 30 fully-equipped computer labs with free internet in clubs and youth centres in Bahrain’s five governorates with the cooperation of their Governors. Crown Prince Scholarship Fund Batelco has been a key supporter of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme (CPISP) since its inception. The programme aims to develop high achieving Bahraini students by funding their 3rd level education at some of the world’s leading universities. Students are selected based on a rigorous programme which evaluates their aptitude and commitment as well as taking their impeccable grades achieved at secondary school level into account. Shaikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre Batelco makes an annual donation to Shaikh Mohammed Bin Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre to assist them in purchasing specialised instruments and equipment with the aim of enhancing the medical care and services for cardiac patients at the Centre. Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) Batelco has been a proud partner of the BIC since its formation and is delighted to play its part in ensuring the success of the annual Gulf Air Grand Prix by providing state-of-the-art telecommunications products and services. Muharraq Social Welfare Centre Batelco, as part of its support for elderly members of the community, extended its financial assistance to the Muharraq Social Welfare Centre. The Centre provides a range of services and activities that benefit the elderly of Muharraq, including health care initiatives, entertainment and social programmes. Batelco holds the elderly in high regard as they are amongst the most vulnerable members of society. Hope Institute for Special Education The Hope Institute for Special Education, which celebrated 30 years of serving the needs of the community in 2008, caters to more than 150 special needs students. The Institute, under the umbrella of the Children’s & Mother’s Welfare Society, provides education for the students to help them to become a productive part of the community. Bahrain International Air Show (BIAS) Batelco was a major sponsor of the first Bahrain International Airshow and provided technology support by setting up a communication network that provided top quality 3G and 2G coverage, high-bandwidth and internal Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as an IP Network with telephony capabilities. Batelco installed 140 km of cable at the Sakhir airbase site to facilitate world-class connectivity for guests and visitors to the show and the international media covering the event. The inaugural event was a landmark occasion for the Kingdom which enhanced Bahrain’s profile as a business leader in the region. Ramadan Basket Batelco delivered 25,000 Ramadan Baskets to Bahrains’ charitable societies as part of its annual donations programme for the Holy Month of Ramadan. The baskets, which include essential foodstuffs that are traditionally in high demand during the Holy Month, are distributed by the Charities to families they have been identified as needing extra support. Bahrain Anmimal Production Show (BAPS) Batelco was the main sponsor for the Bahrain Animal Production Show (BAPS) 2010, which was held at the Bahrain International Endurance Village, under the patronage of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Batelco also provided WiFi throughout the area to facilitate voice and data communications for visitors at the event. The unique inaugural event which provided a free weekend of fun and entertainment included twice daily shows of the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions, Falcon displays and side shows which included a mini train, radio controlled tractors, pony rides and sheep shearing. Shaikh Faisal Memorial Golf Trophy The annual Shaikh Faisal Memorial Golf Trophy is held in aid of Bahrain Mobility International, which was established in 1979 to cater to the needs of the disabled in Bahrain. Their centre in Isa Town offers training workshops and physical therapy facilities. There is also a nursery which caters to children aged 3 to 6 years and prepares them to integrate into the community once they start school. As well as contributing financially to a wide range of health, education, sports and cultural initiatives, Batelco Hearts & Minds committee, a group of staff volunteers, regularly give their time to become involved in a variety of charitable causes. Corporate Governance Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. The key elements of good governance are transparency, integrity, performance and conformance. At Batelco we are committed to principle-based, value-driven corporate governance. Our commitment is reflected in our approach which embraces the governance principles developed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). Batelco’s Board of Directors maintain an effective oversight of organisational performance and conformance by regularly monitoring key business activities and providing directives to business through Board and sub-committees. The Audit Committee and the Trading Committee are two subcommittees that play an important role in keeping the Board informed of business activities. Batelco Board of Directors in 2010, met on numerous occasions; the frequency of these meetings and sub-committee meetings is documented in tables provided below. Batelco recognises that without transparency there cannot be effective governance. Batelco to assist stakeholders gain insight into Batelco’s strategic direction and results places emphasis on disclosure of financial and non financial performance and purpose and priorities of the organisation. To fulfill its transparency obligation, Batelco once every quarter publishes its financial statements and regularly makes public announcements through the media on important and significant issues that may be of interest to the stakeholders and markets. Batelco acknowledges that integrity is central to stakeholder and market confidence. Batelco takes the fiduciary trust placed in it and its employees seriously to safeguard and steward resources belonging to others. High levels of ethical standards are maintained by having a rigorous recruitment process and regular performance and disciplinary management processes. Batelco has also implemented processes and controls to ensure that information that it provides in its annual report and announcements made to the public are reliable. Important information, such as financial statements, is also verified independently by external entities – such as external audit. Batelco recognises that performance is central to preserving and creating stakeholder value: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and communities. To create and preserve value Batelco continuously monitors and evaluates its performance, allocation of resources and processes. Based on the evaluation, improvements are made in resource allocation and processes. Clear lines of authority and accountability throughout the Company aim to eliminate inefficiencies and improve working relationships. The compliance obligations at Batelco are embedded to a large extent within the business unit activities and supported by an in-house team of legal and regulatory professionals. Batelco extends its corporate governance obligation to social responsibilities which is reflected in the level of support to local businesses, charities and sponsorship of major events in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Employees Batelco employs approximately 1,500 people in the Kingdom of Bahrain, of which over 90% are Bahraini nationals. Batelco invests around BD1 million annually to deliver training and development for its employees. The Company’s employees enjoy excellent remuneration benefits that surpass many leading establishments in the region. Among the benefits are reduced price staff packages for phone and Broadband lines, phone and PC loan facility, housing loan benefit to support the building, purchase or refurbishment of a home, saving scheme and medical insurance. Mergers and Acquisitions In 1998, 44% of Qualitynet was acquired by Batelco in a public offering by Kuwait’s Ministry of Communication, as part of a strategy to privatise Internet and data communications services within the State of Kuwait. 2001, Batelco Jordan was formed following the merger of National Equipment Telecommunications Systems (NETS) and First Telecommunications Group (FTG) with Batelco. October 2003, Batelco Egypt Communications (S.A.E.) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Batelco Middle East, in Cairo as an Egyptian Joint Stock Closed Company. June 2006 - Batelco purchases 96% share of Umniah Mobile Communications – Jordan. March 2007, Batelco purchased a 20% stake in Yemens' SabaFon mobile communications company, for USD 144 million in cash. February 25, 2008, consortiums led by Batelco, Hong Kong's PCCW and U.S. Verizon Communications won final approval to operate new Saudi fixed-line phone network called Etihad Atheeb Telecom Company (ATHEEB). ATHEEB has since gone public in February 2009, offering 30 million shares at SAR 10 per share (US$2.67) representing 30% of its capital in an IPO; which was 2.5 times oversubscribed. The IPO raised US$80 million. February 2008, Batelco Group offers to purchase the remaining 20 percent shares not already held by the Group in Batelco Jordan, for a total consideration of JD2.126 million ($3m). Through its 96 percent-owned subsidiary Umniah Mobile Communications, Batelco made the offer to all Batelco Jordan shareholders, valuing the company at JD10.629 million. January 2009, Batelco partnered with Millennium Private Equity to form Batelco Millennium India Company Limited (BMICL) to purchase 49% stake in Chennai based S Tel Limited, a recently established Indian mobile operator for US$225 million. Subsidiary companies As well as being Bahrain's principal telecom operator, the company serves customers in Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Subsidiaries Jordan - Umniah Mobile Communications Kuwait - Qualitynet K.S.A - Etihad Atheeb Telecom Co. "GO" Yemen - Sabafon India - S Tel Egypt - Batelco Egypt Communications SAE References ^ Batelco News ^ Executive Management ^ Batelco Bahrain Executive Team ^ Products & Services External links Principal site Bahrain Telecommunications Subsidiaries (English), Arabic Umniah Mobile Communications (English), Arabic Qualitynet (English), Arabic Atheeb (English), Arabic Sabafon (English) Stel (English), Arabic BatelcoEgypt