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This article may not meet the general notability guideline. Please help to establish notability by adding reliable, secondary sources about the topic. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted. (May 2009) Ross and Terri is a radio show hosted by Ross Noble and Terri Psiakis on Australian radio station Triple J. It was initially just a "filler" show over two weeks of the stations summer period in January 2005. The response from the listeners was so great that they returned - this time with much hype from the station - for another two weeks in January 2006. 2005 season The 2005 season ran from 3 January to 14 January. Antics on the show in 2005 included: Borange - word invented by Noble that he intended to introduce into regular conversation. Songs involving the word "borange" were sent in. Nanna - Ross and Terri were given a life size cardboard cut-out of an elderly woman by a listener. Listeners were encouraged to print out a copy of it available from the website, affix it to cardboard, and take photos of it in various activities. The final show resulted in a cardboard nanna attached to helium balloons being launched from the carpark beside the ABC Studio in Melbourne and travelling as far as Warragul. Due to it initially being a filler show, Triple J did not have a webpage for it on their official site. A third party site,, was created by two fans (Matt Parker and Simon Wright) at the end of the first week of the show and embraced by the presenters themselves through the show's second week. 2006 season The 2006 season ran from 9 January to 20 January. It was heavily advertised on the station for several weeks in advance. Aware of the popularity of the duo, they also received a page on the official Triple J site. Podcasts and streams of segments of shows, included the 2005 season, were made available. Events on the show this year included: George Foreman rumour - Noble encouraged people to spread a rumour that George Foreman has no fingerprints. This extended to vandalism of Wikipedia's George Foreman article. The Band Quiz, in which a listener guesses if band names are real or just made up by Ross. This was extended to include The Horse Quiz, The UK Motorway Service Area Quiz, The Weed Quiz and The Greyhound Quiz. Pants Across Australia - Four pairs of Noble's pants were collected from the ABC studio in Melbourne, and distributed by listeners, with many stops along the way which included: Northern Pants - to Adelaide and Darwin and back to Melbourne Eastern Pants - to Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Cairns, to Gove then posted back to Melbourne. Southern Pants - to Launceston, Hobart then traveling around Tasmania then back to Melbourne Western Pants - to Adelaide, Perth, Port Hedland, back to Perth before returning to Melbourne The pants were photographed at various places along the way and additions were made to the pants by many people. This additions included attacting bar coasters, business cards and other, more extreme things such as underwear and love letters were added. The Homecoming Ceremony was held on January 20 and included the pants being returned to Noble, via a ceremory at Federation Square featuring bagpipes, a towncrier and drums. After Noble returned to the studio with the pants, there was talk of him selling the pants on the internet. External links Unofficial Ross and Terri site Official Ross and Terri page on Triple J site Official Ross Noble website