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Animal Face-Off Format Edutainment Country of origin United States No. of seasons 2 No. of episodes 12 Production Running time 60/120 minutes (including commercials) Broadcast Original channel Discovery Channel Original run 02011-03-21 March 21 – September 12, 2004 (2004-09-12) External links Website Animal Face-Off is a television program that aired on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.[1] This program centers on a hypothetical battle between two animals that could possibly meet in the wild, or in some cases, have been compared to each other by scientists. CGI replicas and models were used to collect data (such as strength, bite force, etc.) about the animals. Then, in a virtual arena, a brief computer-animated fight scene reveals the results. Since this was done artificially, results may vary. Each episode of Animal Face-Off is 1 hour long, with the exception of the 12th episode, which is 2 hours long (including commercials). Contents 1 Episode list 2 Overall record 2.1 By species 2.2 By size 3 DVDs 4 See also 5 References Episode list Episode Title Location Recap Winner 1 Saltwater crocodile vs. Great white shark Northern Australian Coast The shark was looking for food. It hits the crocodile with the bump-and-bite technique. It then tries to attack. The crocodile bites the shark's tail, but can't get a good grip. The shark swims away and comes back for a full-on assault, but the croc strikes first by biting on the shark's pectoral fin and then performing a death roll, tearing off the shark's fin. Despite the bad injury, the shark is still fast and strong. Then both animals collide head on, and the crocodile clamps on to the shark's snout. The shark can't fight back, and the crocodile attempts another death roll, and both combatants sink. Running out of air, the crocodile breaks off the attack and heads to the surface to breathe, which allows the shark to return and bite the croc's belly. Great white shark 2 Elephant vs. Rhino Serengeti The elephant was just looking for food, but the bad-tempered rhino saw it as a threat. The rhino attacks the elephant with its charge and thrust, but the much smarter elephant charges as well and dodges the attack. The rhino then tries to stab the elephant's throat, but it is too tall even for the rhino's 4-foot horn. The rhino tries an agile headbutt, but the elephant defends its head and face with its trunk and tusks. The elephant then attacks by stabbing the rhino with its tusks twice (breaking a tusk in the process), topples the rhino over with its tusks, and crushes it under its weight. African Bush Elephant 3 Lion vs. Tiger Gir Forest National Park The tiger is eating its kill. The lion comes to a stop several meters away from the tiger and roars loudly. It runs and tackles the tiger, but trips on the big cat and injures and tires himself. The agile tiger quickly gets up and repeatedly tries to bite the lion's throat ferociously, but the lion shakes off the attacks. The lion gets up and both combatants back away from each other and roar. They scratch each other's faces fiercely. The tiger swoops in to end the fight quickly with a neck bite, but the lion's mane deflects his aim. The tiger backs away and then tackles the lion, but the lion reacts by biting the back of the tiger's throat, ending the fight. Asiatic Lion 4 Hippo vs. Bull shark Zambezi River The hippopotamus has a wound, and the smell of blood attracts the bull shark. The bull shark hits the hippo with his bump and bite technique. After confirming the hippo is food, he tries to attack by biting the hippo's body and stomach as hard as he can. The hippo's thick hide combined with his enormous girth is too much of a mouthful for the much smaller shark. Even the thin skin on the back leg proves too tough for the shark. However, the bull shark manages to bite off the hippo's tail. Badly hurt, the hippopotamus still doesn't know what hit him, but the very painful attack rouses his bad temper. The hippo counterattacks by putting his huge head into the water, his enormous jaws easily encircling the shark. As he opens his huge mouth the shark charges forward with his own mouth open, only to be killed when the hippo crunches down on his head, ending the fight. Hippopotamus 5 Wolf vs. Cougar Rocky Mountains The wolf is busy eating his dinner. A cougar smells meat from a long distance and investigates. Feeling his meal threatened, the wolf responds by charging forward and ferociously bites the cougar's back leg, but backs off when the cougar pounces on him with his front legs and lethal claws. Low on stamina, the cougar tried to back off, but the wolf continued the fight. The wolf bites the cougar on the forepaw, then pins it, but the cougar shakes off the attack. The cougar shoved the wolf in the air with his front and back paws, then went to deliver a nape bite, but the howls of the wolf pack make it retreat. Cougar 6 Polar bear vs. Walrus Arctic Circle The bear tries to bite and scratch the walrus, but the walrus's skin is too thick. Although it managed to briefly latch on with teeth, the polar bear can't do serious damage. As the walrus flees, the polar bear gets dragged into the water, and the walrus gores the bear with its tusks. The bear attempts to flee, but the walrus kills the bear by driving its tusks into the carnivore's back. Walrus 7 Siberian tiger vs. Brown Bear Russia The bear attempts to steal the tiger's kill. The tiger then attacks the bear, but the bear is able to deflect each strike. The tiger tries to go for the jugular, but fails. Then the tiger jumps up on the bear from behind and latches on with its claws, cutting deep. Despite the tiger's persistent attacks, the bear's thick fur and fat, combined with its enormous girth, are too much for the tiger. The bear throws the tiger off, breaks its back, and bites the tiger's neck, ending the fight. Siberian Brown Bear 8 Lion vs. Nile crocodile Nile The lion has sharp teeth and claws, but can't pierce the crocodile's thick armored hide. The lion tries one attack after another, but the crocodile's fearsome jaws force him to fall back after each attempt. Then, the crocodile returns to the water. The lion waits at the water's edge, wondering where the crocodile went. The croc erupts from the water to clamp onto the cat's head and neck, and drags it into the water. Nile Crocodile 9 Anaconda vs. Jaguar Amazon River The green anaconda strikes rapidly from beneath the water, wrapping itself around the jaguar and clamping its coils over its head. Both mammal and reptile sink underwater. The big cat gets away by biting the snake's tail. The reptile attempts to flee, but the jaguar fishes the snake out of the water. Then the anaconda makes a sudden counterattack, grabbing the big cat's head and coiling around it again. This time the big snake squeezes the jaguar to death on land itself. Green Anaconda 10 Gorilla vs. Leopard Congo River The gorilla tries to avoid a fight, but the leopard won't back off. The leopard's night vision and stealth give it the upper-hand, but the gorilla wrestles the cat off and bites it on the shoulder. When the final lunge comes, the gorilla delivers a fatal blow by breaking the leopard's spine with its arm. Mountain Gorilla 11 Alligator vs. Black bear Everglades National Park The alligator bites the bear's leg, leaving a wound. However, it only bites fur, fat, and muscle. The bear fights back. The gator tries to do a tail swipe, but the bear dodges it. Running out of energy, the alligator tries to retreat into the water, but the bear stops it. It rolls over and the bear scratches deep into the gator's soft underbelly. American Black bear 12 Colossal Squid vs. Sperm Whale Southern Ocean The combatants both sense each other, the squid sees the whale, while the whale's echolocation reveals the squid. The whale tries to eat the squid, but just before it reaches the mouth, the squid attacks. By rising close to the surface, the squid is shaken off, but not before it scratches the whale. Now it's no contest: The squid is eaten alive. Sperm whale Overall record By species Crocodilians: 1 Win (Nile Crocodile) / 2 Losses (Saltwater crocodile & American Alligator) Big Cats: 2 Wins (Asiatic Lion, Cougar) / 5 Losses (Siberian Tiger, African Lion, Jaguar, Leopard, Bengal Tiger) Sharks: 1 Win (Great White Shark) / 1 Loss (Bull Shark) Bears: 2 Wins (Black Bear & Brown Bear) / 1 Loss (Polar Bear) By size Smaller animal wins twice: Black bear beats Alligator, lion beats tiger. DVDs Each episode of Animal Face-Off has its own DVD. See also Jurassic Fight Club Tiger versus lion Deadliest Warrior References ^ John F. Bonfatti (March 27, 2004), "Survival of the Fittest", The Buffalo News,